PUBG Mobile Ban Now, After TikTok Ban, Rajkot Police Request to Ban

PUBG Mobile Ban Now

PUBG Mobile Ban Now: After banning PUBG Mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battleground in the city and inciting violence among adolescents in the city last month, Rajkot Police has now written to Google that the company has stopped to download the same “Downloads” from its play store in the “Jurisdiction of Rajkot City”.

Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal told, “ we have said that we have banned this, so if possible if they are downloading games in any IP in this area then we have said that if you can, stop it”.

PUBG Mobile Ban Now, After TikTok Ban, Now Rajkot Police Request to Ban

This written request from Google comes after the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity), both soon to say that both Google and Apple are asked to Pull TikTok from the Play store and App Store. Allegedly, companies face developed popular Video sharing apps from their Platform, so that any new downloads can be stopped. However, those who already have the app can continue to use it.

Rajkot police wanted to get something similar here with their request. PUBG Mobile has been in the world of both crisis in the country and outside. After being banned in Nepal, it is going to banned in Iraq. Nepal Senior Superintendent of police, Dhiraj Pratap Singh has received eight letters from the School and Twenty- five letters from the parents,  who were complaining about the violent and addictive nature of PUBG last month, and that was the last straw “.

In a story published in The Kathmandu Post, “PUBG Mobile Ban Now began when the Nepal Metropolitan Crime Division officially filed public interest litigation, in which the request for the ban of Battlegrounds was completely blocked. , The request was approved and shortly after, the Nepal Telecom Authority has given the country’s Internet Service Providers and Telecommunications Authority Issued a cease-fire to quantify.

According to reports from Iraq, “Iraqi Parliament has proposed to ban online multiplayer video games, among the fear that they are corrupting young people and hurting them on violent fantasies. The Cultural Parliamentary Committee presented a draft law on Saturday which attempts to ban electronic games, specifically PUBG. For the latest updates, you can visit

“The committee is concerned about the passions on these electronic games that ignite the violence between children and youth. Its influence has spread rapidly in Iraq’s society, “Sameaa Gullab, the head of the committee, said that during a press conference in Baghdad, According to sources said.

The Iraqi media reported about sports-related suicides and divorce incidents during the last year.


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