Post-Covid Checkup: Covid-19 Recovered? It is important for you to get this test done

Lungs can cause up to 25% damage even before severe symptoms

Post-Covid Checkup: Covid-19 Recovered? It is important for you to get this test done: Our body’s immune system fights against any type of virus or bacteria entering the body and tries to defeat it and once the infection is cured the patient Becomes healthy again like before. But in the context of Coronavirus, it is seen that even after the viral load in the body is over, the side effects of the virus are still visible on the body for a long time.

Coronavirus damages many parts of the body

Not only this, but this virus also damages many important organs of the body (Damages organs). In such a situation, if you too have recently recovered from the coronavirus, then you must get this test done to know how and how much damage the virus has caused to your body.

  1. Heart Imaging, Cardiac Screening- Due to Covid-19 infection, there is a lot of inflammation in the body due to which the heart muscles are weakened and they are also damaged (Heart muscles are damaged). Apart from this, the problem of abnormal heartbeat is also being seen in many patients recovering from Covid. So after recovery, do heart imaging or cardiac screening test.
  2. Chest CT Scan- Chest CT Scan helps a lot in determining how severe the disease of Covid-19 is in a patient. In such a situation, a chest CT scan and lung function test can also help to find out how the patient’s recovery is happening.
  3. Neuro Function Test- Many patients have neurological and psychiatric symptoms for several weeks and months even after recovering from coronavirus infection. This is the reason that after recovery from infection, it is necessary to have a brain and neurological function test so that symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, excessive fatigue, dizziness can be detected in the patient.
  4. Glucose test- Several studies have shown that the coronavirus is also making patients with diabetes who did not have any diabetes problem before the infection. This is the reason why after getting recovered from Covid-19, get a glucose test done. Blood glucose levels in the body of a patient with corona infection may be higher or lower than normal.
  5. Antibody test- After fighting corona infection, antibodies are formed in your body which helps in preventing future infection. So after recovery, also get an Antibody test done so that you can know how much your immune protection level is. Get these tests done after one or two weeks of recovery and if you are thinking of donating plasma, then this test is also necessary for that.


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