Model Tenancy Act: Be ready to vacate the house if rent is not paid for two months

Model Tenancy Act

Model Tenancy Act: Be ready to vacate the house if rent is not paid for two months- The Modi cabinet has approved the draft of the Model Tenancy Act. The draft of the Model Rent Act or the Model Tenancy Act will now be sent to the states and union territories. It can be implemented by making a new law or by making necessary amendments in the existing tenant law. This draft has been approved in the meeting of the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Purpose of Model Rent Act

According to the Model Tenancy Act or the Model Tenancy Act of the Central Government, the differences between the landlord and the tenants can be reduced. The Modi government has said that after the Model Rent Act, many vacant houses can be rented out, the shortage of houses will be overcome and private players will also get business. The Model Tenancy Act states that if the tenant does not pay the rent to the landlord for two months, then the house/place can be vacated from him.

convenience to the tenant

Under the Model Tenancy Act, the landlord has to give a written notice of 24 hours in advance to come for the house inspection, repair work or any other purpose. The tenant cannot be evicted before the time limit mentioned in the rent agreement unless he has paid rent for two consecutive months or he is misusing the property.

How much amount in security deposit?

Security deposit is often disputed in case of taking a house on rent. The new Model Tenancy Act clearly states that the security for residential buildings can be rented for a maximum of 2 months, while for non-residential places, the rent for a maximum of 6 months.

What is the provision for vacating the place?

Regarding vacating the house or shop, the Model Tenancy Act states that if the landlord has fulfilled all the conditions of the rent agreement, yet the tenant does not vacate the place, then the landlord will be for two months. Can double the rent. However, if not vacated, the rent can quadruple after two months. The landlord’s condition includes giving notice before vacating the place. Landlords can give notice to vacate the rented house or shop. After this, one day before, tell in writing or through message / mail etc.

What is the benefit of rent law?

The central government believes that the Model Tenancy Act will reduce the dispute between the landlord and the tenants. At present, due to the fear of dispute, many landlords are hesitant to give rent even after the house is vacant.

What is the benefit to the tenant?

No one can take possession of anyone’s property. Even the landlord cannot harass the tenant and ask him to vacate the house. Necessary provisions have been made for this. If the house is to be vacated, the landlord must first give notice. The tenant also has to keep in mind that he is responsible for taking care of the rented property on which he resides.

Where will the dispute be settled?

The dispute between the landlord and the tenant will be settled in the Rent Authority. After the formation of the Rent Authority, the landlord and the tenant will appear before the authority and enter into a rent agreement. Both the parties will have to inform the rent authority within two months from the date of signing of the agreement. The Rent Authority will clarify the relationship between the landlord and the tenant.


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