A day after being removed as CBI director, Alok Verma resign from service

A day after being removed as CBI director

A day after being removed as CBI director: The Selection Committee, on the basis of the CVC investigation report against Verma, found that Verma’s continuance as a head of a sensitive agency like CBI was not good. While restoring Verma as a CBI Director, the Supreme Court had directed the committee to decide Verma’s future within a week.

A day after being removed as CBI director, Alok Verma resign from service


  • Alok Verma’s leave within 48 hours of the order of reinstatement from the Supreme Court.
  • PM Modi, Congress MP Kharge And Justice Sikri’s Selection Committee decides with a 2-1                majority
  • the CVC had on Verma in its investigation report some very strong comments, the basis of this verdict
  • the selection panel found that it is not ok to remain Verma as the head of the sensitive agency

Within 48 hours of the restoration as a CBI Director on the order of the Supreme Court, the selection committee removed Alok Verma from the post. Judge of the Supreme Court, Justice M. Mallikarjun Kharge and the Congress MP led by PM Modi. K. Sikri’s high-powered committee gave permanent leave to Verma’s CBI Director on the basis of the CVC investigation report. Let’s see, what five allegations were there, due to which the PM’s Leading Selection Committee removed Verma.

The Prime Minister’s panel selection panel took cognizance of the very serious comments of the CVC against Verma. CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana had alleged that Verma had taken a bribe of Rs 2 crore from Satish Babu Sena for influencing the investigation of the case related to meat businessman Moin Qureshi. The CVC found Varma’s conduct in its investigation “questionable” and at first sight only the case against him.

There was also serious allegation against Verma in the case of the investigation against Laloo Prasad Yadav, who had given a contract for 2 railway hotels. According to the allegations, Verma rescued a senior officer in spite of substantial evidence in this case and removed his name in the investigation. A day after being removed as CBI director, Alok Verma resign from service

In the case of a land scam in Haryana, the selection committee found Verma’s allegations of serious nature very seriously. In this case, to ensure the closure of the initial investigation, the deal was reportedly worth 36 crore rupees. Verma is alleged to have been in touch with the director of the then Town and Country Planning of Haryana and a real estate company. In this case, the CVC told ‘the need for further investigation’.

Alok Verma was also charged that when he was the commissioner of the Delhi Police in 2016, he rescued a gold smuggler caught by the customs department. Verma allegedly instructed the gold smuggler to be evacuated in police protection. The CVC found that these allegations were found to be ‘partially convincing’ in the investigation and another branch of the CBI recommended its investigation. A day after being removed as CBI director, Alok Verma resign from service

It was also alleged that Verma had tried to take the tainted officers to CBI. Verma allegedly attempted to bring 2 tainted officers to CBI, while there were adverse reports against both. The CVC found these allegations ‘convincing’.

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