Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall

Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall

Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall: The Pentagon informed Congress on Monday night that it has authorized the $ 1 billion transfer to start new wall construction with the US-Mexico border, attracting immediate objections of Democratic Lawmakers. A Pentagon Budget Reprogramming Notification was sent to Capitol Hill on Monday and received by Indiatimelines indicating that to $ 57 billion in fencing up to $ 1 billion, to improve roads and to other measures on the southern border.

Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall

The Defense Department authorized the Army Corp of Engineers to start planning and construction on Monday night project. According to an acting secretary to the Department of Defense Patrick Shanahan, the department will direct the funds towards 18 ft high fencing near Home and Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

In February, President Donald Trump announced a national emergency to build billions of dollars of the wall. As part of their announcement, they instructed the use of CounterDrug Monies to partly fund the new wall construction. Under the National Emergency, other funds may also be dedicated to building the wall and related infrastructure, including military construction funds.

Monday’s announcement was just the first $ 1 billion, which the administration is making available for wall funding. The administration said that it is planning to move an extra $ 1.5 billion at some point in the future.

These initial counter fund funds will eventually flow from the Homeland Security Department to the army’s core of engineers to start construction. For trending news, you can visit

To prevent drug trafficking, Senate Democrats objected to transfer of funds immediately to fencing with the southern border.

Every Democratic Senator, Veteran Affairs and related agencies of the sub-committee of the Senate Appraisal Committee on Defense and Military Construction signed a letter written to the brother-in-law, who, in order to counter the drug funds to go towards the wall, Objected to $ 1 billion transfer Senators say that the Pentagon did not take permission before informing the transferred committee.

Pentagon authorizes $1 billion for Donald Trump’s border wall

“We firmly object to both the substances of transfer of funds and the Department for the implementation of the transfer to the Congress without the sanction of protective committees and for violation of provisions in the defense appropriation,” Senators wrote. “As a result, we have serious concerns that the department has allowed political interference and pet projects to come forward with many near-term, important readiness issues facing our military.”

The letters were signed by the sensor. Patrick Leahy, Democrat of Vermont; Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois; Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island; Brian Schatz, the Democrats of Hawaii; Democrats of John Tester, Montana; Patty Murray, Washington Democrats; Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut; Tammy Baldwin, Democrat of Wisconsin; Democrats of Dianne Feinstein, California; And Tom Udall, Democrat of New Mexico.


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