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Amazon will plan to Build 2nd Headquarters in New works

Amazon will plan to Build 2nd Headquarters in New works: Inc. said on Thursday that it will not go ahead with plans to build headquarters in New York after the growing protests of local politicians. The company said that it will not be able to reopen the search process at this time. We will go ahead in North Virginia and Nashville strategically and we will continue to work in 17 corporate offices and Tech Hubs of America and Canada. Amazon will plan to build 2nd headquarters in NewYork.

Amazon will plan to Build 2nd Headquarters in New works

The company started considering options last week. An online retailer has not taken any land for this project so that its plans will be easy to complete, on this matter a person told Reuters on Friday. Amazon announced that it would create 25,000 jobs and build two new headquarters located in the Long Island City neighborhood in Manhattan, across the borough of Queens across the Eastern River.

The Scheme ran out of opposition to local politicians, who opposed $ 2.8 billion in the Encouragement given to Amazon secretly by New York governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Amazon will plan to Build 2nd Headquarters in New works, New York City is still open for business.

Even after the preliminary reports of last week that Amazon was reconsidering its investment in New York, top city officials including New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio expressed confidence that the deal would be done.

Now the city will have to deal with the result that what could be a deal for your future as a center for a business-friendly destination and especially for technology companies.

“New York City is one of the most dynamic tech hubs in the world today, but in the future we will maintain this situation, there is no guarantee that this makes the news so disappointing,” Julie Samuels, Executive Director, Tech: NYC , A non-profit network of technology leaders in the city which counts Amazon as a member. For latest updates visit

However, for now, Amazon is just a company. Google reiterated plans to develop a new campus in New York on Wednesday, which is part of the comprehensive real estate expansion throughout the United States.

John H.Banks  Chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York. “New York City is still open for business and will maintain its position as a world-class center for technology and innovation.”,  Banks said in a statement.


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