CoA Meet On Friday To Discuss Playing Pakistan In World Cup

CoA Meet On Friday To Discuss Playing Pakistan In World Cup

CoA Meet On Friday To Discuss Playing Pakistan In World Cup:- The committee of administrators appointed by the Supreme Court (COA) will meet Friday to discuss the fiery topic of playing with Pakistan in India’s World Cup.  Apart from this, the committee is hoping to send stakeholders, especially active cricketers, in the country to avoid excessive comments on this issue.

On the eve of the meeting, media reports were talked about talking about writing letters to the ICC by the BCCI, in which the parents’ body was asked to ban Pakistan from the upcoming World Cup. Although this phenomenal step is expected to be discussed, BCCI hopes to put the ball in the government’s court with its good old stand. Historically, the BCCI has always written to the Ministry of External Affairs on the issue of playing neighbouring countries and the line.

CoA Meet On Friday To Discuss Playing Pakistan In World Cup

After the Pulwama attack, where 40 CRPF Soldiers lost their lives, India’s call to boycott the World Cup Group Stage match against Pakistan in Old Trafford took place on June 16. The argument of not playing Pakistan has got support from some former cricketers, the most notable among which are Sourav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh. “After this incident, there is no chance of a bilateral series with Pakistan, I can understand the feelings of the people that India can not play Pakistan in the World Cup and I think the government has taken strict action against this issue Should do Its impact should be stronger than India,  He said.

Harbhajan followed his former captain during a television chat. “The World Cup is very small when it comes to the country. 40 people, who have lost their lives, who are going to pay for them? We have to be united with the country. Even though we will not play the 2019 World Cup, it does not make any difference. India’s regular Yuzvendra Chahal, one step ahead, suggesting that decisions will be taken on both sides of the battlefield”, “The BCCI and the government have to take the decision to play the World Cup match facing Pakistan”, He Said. For the latest news, you can visit

“It should be arranged once and for all, we can not afford it anymore, every three months we get to listen to the loss of our lives for the terrorism of our soldiers, We can not wait for that. We have to do something and we should face this face face-to-face, even if it means aar paar ki ladaai”,  They said.

CoA Meet On Friday To Discuss Playing Pakistan In World Cup, Apart from these issues, the committee will also look into the preparation of the IPL and will also hear the issue of several bodies claiming Uttarakhand representation. One of the COA members, Diana Edulji, said that they would “discuss all possible options and work best for the country.”


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