China bend ahead of threatening America, What will happen next: Trump

China bend ahead of threatening America

China bend ahead of threatening America- Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that China wants to enter into a trade agreement with the US. Trump told reporters in the White House before a high-level delegation of the Chinese delegation to negotiate on bilateral trade, “China wants to compromise. We see what happens. I am happy with her where we are. We are in a good position as an economy because they are not in good standing due to the charges. “Trump wants to reduce the big business deficit with China.

China bend ahead of threatening America

They had imposed heavy import duty on Chinese products last year. Responding to this, Beijing also imposed import duty on American products. In view of the growing tensions between the two countries, Trump and China’s President Xi Chunfing agreed to break the trade war and settle the agreement before a March during a meeting in Argentina in December last year.

Trump had also agreed to not charge any new fee on Chinese products till then. Trump had threatened that if there is no compromise until March 1, then he is ready to charge additional charges.  “As you know that the contract I have signed is going to end soon, Trump said.

China bend ahead of threatening America, Trump Said: What will happen next

Chances for China will be increased. They are paying billions of dollars to the American treasury. We have done this for the first time. For the first time, it has happened that money is coming towards China too, otherwise, the money was going on from our side. ” Trump said that he has good relations with her.  “We will see what will happen but we have a good conversation with China”, They said.

Earlier, the Council of Economic Advisers Kevin Hasset told that the agreement is going to happen. He said, “I believe that this can happen. The talks are moving forward. There is a lot to be done, but the situation is good at the moment. “Before the much-awaited meeting, Chinese Vice-President Wang Qishan told the deputy collector in the World Economic Forum in Davos that the two countries need each other.


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