UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order:- Another obstacle to bringing liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who ran for hundreds of crores of rupees to bring India to India, has ended. The UK government has approved the extradition of Mallya. Although he has 14 days to appeal against the order in the High Court. It is believed to be another big success of the Modi Government after the extradition of Christian Michele and others accused of AgustaWestland.

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order

UK Home Department spokesman said on Monday that Home Minister Sajid Javid signed the order of extradition of Vijay Mallya on February 3 after careful consideration of all related matters. The spokesman said that Mallya is accused of fraud, false representations and money laundering crimes in India for fraud in India. Javid is the senior minister in the British government of Pakistani origin.

The London-based Westminster Magistrate granted the extradition of Mallya to India on December 10, 2018. In his order, the court had said that he was completely satisfied with the various assurances given by the Government of India. These assurances included a cell video of the prison. The decision of the court was sent to the Home Minister under extradition treaty process because he had the right to issue the extradition order of Mallya. Mallya is on bail since April 2010, when the extradition warrant was implemented by Scotland Yard. Mallya, accused of fraud of 9000 crore rupees, has been telling the matter as politically motivated.

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order, Will appeal against the verdict: Mallya

“ Only after the verdict of Westminister Court of December 10, 2018, I had spoken of an appeal but due to the decision of the Home Minister, I could not start the appeal process. If the decision has now come, then I will start the appeal process.”, Vijay Mallya, Fugitive liquor trader.

The country’s first financial fugitive was declared

Mallya was declared a runaway by PMLA court last week. At the same time, under the new FEO law, he was declared the country’s first economic fugitive

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order: Instead of reciprocating

Mallya had probably already anticipated getting his extradition approval. Therefore, he had tweeted on February 1 that when I wake up every morning, it shows that the loan recovery officer has confiscated another property. The value of confiscated assets has crossed Rs 13,000 crore, while the claim of banks, including total interest, is 9000 crore rupees. After all, how long will these series go?

Banks have so much debt on Mallya

Mallya has a loan of around Rs. 9400 crores of various banks. Against him, 17 groups of banks had filed an application in the Supreme Court. CBI and Enforcement Directorate are investigating the matter.

India has welcomed, said – a legal process is completed soon

India welcomed the British government’s order to grant Mullah’s extradition. A top government source said that we have come to know the order of the British Home Minister. We are expecting the completion of the legal process to extradite Mallya.

UK Home Secretary signs Vijay Mallya extradition order, Another obstructive crossing of Mallya extradition: Jaitley

Union Minister Arun Jaitley said another success of the Modi government to grant the approval by Britain to the extradition of liquor businessman Vijay Mallya. At the same time, he tainted the opposition, including Mamta Banerjee, who was held hostage against the CBI’s action in Kolkata. He tweeted that the Modi government crossed the barrier for the extradition of Mallya while the opposition was uniting in favor of the scamsters. At the same time, BJP spokesman  G.V.L. Narasimha Rao said that order to extradite Mallya is the result of persistent efforts of the Government of India and the agencies. This proves that the Modi Government is committed to ensuring that every money looted by the people of the country comes back and the culprits are punished. Nalin Kohli said that Modi government is fulfilling his promises.


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