India One Of Highest Taxing Nations In The World, Says Donald Trump

India One Of Highest Taxing Nations In The World

India One Of Highest Taxing Nations In The World:- US President Donald Trump said that he again sloganed the country for imposing 100 percent tariff on US products, which includes Harley-Davidson motorcycles. India is one of the Huge “taxing Nations” in the world. Such high tariffs are not appropriate, Donald Trump said during Tuesday’s annual Spring Dinner of the National Republican Congress Committee in Washington.

At the beginning of this year, to declare their support for reciprocal tax in the White House, Donald Trump had said that he is satisfied with India’s decision to reduce the import duty on Harley-Davidson motorcycles from 100 percent to 50 percent. “Even it’s not enough, it’s okay,” he said at that time.

India One Of Highest Taxing Nations In The World: Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that India is a “tariff king” and imposes “too much” tariff on American products.

“I called the Prime Minister of India (Narendra), he is one of the most tax-paying countries in the world, he took 100 percent tax from us”, The US president said.

“They charge 100 percent on the goods, so they send a motorcycle, and they make a lot of them, they send them to our country, we do not take anything from them, we send Harley Davidson to India and they Don’ts 100 per day. Donald Trump said, “Not fair. Okay. Not reciprocal This is not right.” For the latest updates, you can visit

During his address at the Annual Spring Dinner of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Donald Trump explained how his business policies are successfully addressing the balance of trade issues with other countries. He said that trade talks are very good with China.

India One Of Highest Taxing Nations In The World- Read Here

The US and China’s top business executives are negotiating to negotiate a comprehensive business deal. “I think we are doing very well, they need a deal as much as we do, they need a deal, and they’re badly hurt with paying $ 25 billion on $ 50 billion of technology stuff. And they were going to pay. The American president said that 25 percent for the other $ 200 billion.

Donald Trump said that his administration is working to repair broken business deals to protect American workers.

“We are standing for China’s old business abuses and theft of intellectual property and many other things that they have with us”, They said.

“I do not know how you let people do this for so many years, you have stayed here for a long time, but in reality, they have taken advantage of country, and you know what I respect them? ” this. I say this. We should have them do this, “he said.


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