Neil Nitin Mukesh’s entire family became corona infected, how is everyone’s condition

Neil Nitin Mukesh's entire family became corona infected, how is everyone's condition

Amidst the havoc of Corona, there have been reports of several Bollywood celebrities being found Kovid-19 positive. At the same time, the entire family of actor Neil Nitin Mukesh has become corona infected. Which also includes his 2-year-old baby girl Noorvi. At the same time, Neil Nitin Mukesh first gave information about this on his social media account. After this, he has told during an interview that how are the circumstances of all the people in his family. While giving health updates that only his mother is alright.

After the daughter has a fever …

Neil Nitin Mukesh shared a post on his Instagram account on Saturday, informing that despite taking all precautions, he and his family have been found to be Kovid-19 positive. While talking to Spotboye about this, he said- ‘You can guess how difficult it is for me that Noorvi has a virus. He has also been found positive. But luckily, he is not in any trouble right now. He had a fever in the first two days, and that’s why we all got our tests done … Papa, Naman, Rukmini and Nurvi all have positive test reports, but the mother is still fine ‘. Papa’s age of 70 years is’

He told- ‘The worst thing is that there is no hard and fast rule for this. Everyone is doing this in different ways. So far we all have mild symptoms. Pray that you stay like this. Papa is 70 years old but he is fine now. My brother Naman is asymptomatic ‘.

‘Pray for family’

Neil says that this virus should be eradicated soon. Everyone should be very careful with this. He said- ‘Please follow the guidelines, please stay at home as much as possible. And please pray for my family ‘.


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