Gully Boy movie review: Extraordinary Performance by Ranveer and Alia

Gully Boy movie review

Gully Boy Movie Review: There is a line in the movie where the character is called MC Sher (Siddhant  Chaturvedi), “Agar duniya mein sab comfortable hote toh rap kaun karta?”It is an insight that comes from a true fan of this art of exhibition. Director Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Gully  Boy’ is sure to be on the rap scene in India. This is an ordinary boy from Dharavi who goes on to the story of Murad, who sees big dreams and refuses to adversely to his soul. From being a quintessential slumdog to his ambitious rapper named Gully Boy, his journey is quite exciting and exciting, to say the least. Rap is an unorthodox style of music in India, but even those who are not necessarily associated with this form of music, they will be able to appreciate the Dalit and hearty story.

Gully Boy movie review: Zoya Akhtar’s  Rap Film

Gully Boy movie review, Murad (Singh) lives in Mumbai with his younger brother, a put-on, one side (Subhash), and a grandmother in a match-box. His abusive father (Raaz), a driver, brought a second wife home, which is not older than Murad. The only ray of light in his life is perky, crazy-safe Safeena (Bhatt), whose support remains with him because he works with them, doing strange work for his pal (Varma), to explore the next phase Are trying to Some of these elements can be familiar (Eminem’s 8 Mile Swims to Mind), but Gully Boy, which is based on the life of two rap-actors, Naezy and Devine, is contained in the Mumbai idiom, and this is its film.

Rap Murad comes in defense. A chance encounter with an artist named MC Sher (Siddhant Chaturvedi) is like a call of weapons: Murad takes the sound, and words, and starts writing itself, spreading his pain as a weapon. This is a predetermined arc, but the lion brings a restful swagger to this part: There is a gentleman on his anger. His intuition reveals that the lion can stick to his insistence to create anything with any of his special qualities, even if you can sometimes see the effort, and show a little brownface.

Bhatt, as a spirited Safeena, is very good. He had a lot of practice to be a manic pixie. Last year’s rage allowed him to spread his wings. In it, she actually gets an education from the girl-who-for-someone-lingo (‘mere boy friend ke saath gulu gulu karegi’) and all the sparkles, all-quarreling Gully girl.

Gully Boy Movie Review: Superb Performance By Alia and Ranveer

Kochlin, as the US-retired music scholar, gives the film a chance to go to the other for a few minutes: his voluntary bathroom is bigger than Murad’s imagination. But I wish she could do anything more. Subhash, as the mother of Singh, is older than his age, but what is the actress’s treasure? It is good to see talented Varma getting a bigger share; The Raaz is as wonderful as ever.

But who takes this film up a notch, is the new face theory Siddhant Chaturvedi He is fresh, is alive at this time, and at places he takes it away from the lion.

Gully Boy movie review, With this film, my little unknown is in a familiar way, Akhtar plays safely: The father who is against his son, coming around inappropriately around it seems that to keep us happy, it is wrong to squat the circle. Some other predictable arcs are, well, predictable: the Dalits being the largest of them all. Akhtar’s outer position is at odds with the intimate story he is telling, and in some places, which shows the distance. For latest Updates visit

But, after all, it’s a movie to watch and hear both: Soundtrack and leap on songs on the screen. In today’s India, to bring a Murad and Safeena, a fact-statement, in the case of their Muslim-ness, is a matter of bravery, to traverse those who are on the wrong side of the tracks. I will take them to Raj-and-Raveena, the more used at any time. ‘Inka time aa gya ‘. Rap with.


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