Mamta Vs Modi Sarkar: Bangladesh President did not even go to Delhi on the announcement

Mamta Banerji

Mamta Vs Modi Sarkar: Bangladesh President did not even go to Delhi on the announcement- The confrontation between Mamta Banerjee and the central government is not decreasing. The Center had summoned Bengal Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay to Delhi by 10 am on Monday, but Alapan has not reached Delhi yet. They reached Howrah’s Nabanna building. Here he was to attend a video conferencing related to Kovid Relief. According to sources, now the central government can take disciplinary action against Alapan.

Kejriwal’s life at the center is full of politics

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also come down in a confrontation between the Center and the Mamata government. He has mentioned the case of calling the Chief Secretary to Delhi through the cutting of a news paper in his tweet. He has written – this is not the time to fight the state governments, but to fight with everyone from Corona. This is the time to help the state governments. It is time to make the vaccine available to the states. All state governments have to work together to become Team India. There has been a whole life for fighting and fighting and politics.

Bandhopadhyay arrived late in Modi’s meeting in Bengal

Alapan Bandyopadhyay arrived late for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting called on Friday to review the cyclone Yas. After this, orders were issued to call him to Delhi in the evening. Retired senior bureaucrats and legal experts believe that the Central Government may have ordered the Chief Secretary to report to Delhi, but this may be difficult to implement. Relieving them comes under the purview of the state government. In such a situation, Mamata may refuse to send him to Delhi. Mamta had said a few days ago to extend the term of Bandyopadhyay to three months.

Center issued an order to call Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Bengal on 28 May. They arrived to review the damage caused to the state by the Yas storm. At this meeting too, Chief Secretary Alapan Bandhopadhyay arrived late. While Mamta and Bandhopadhyay were present in the same building in which Modi’s meeting was going on. It was only after he arrived late that the Center issued an order to call him to Delhi.


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