Trump’s weekend – New Russia questions & shutdown irritants

Trump's weekend - New Russia questions & shutdown irritants

Trump’s weekend – New Russia questions & shutdown irritants- WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump wanted that it should not be a weekend, alone in the White House, was bothered by a pair of Russian headlines that he was not getting much credit to stay during the partial government shutdown.

Trump surprised his colleagues with a few hours of notice, to call on Jeanine Piro’s show on Fox News on Saturday night, to return against the presidential coverage on many fronts, especially Russia About the publication of the report about their approach.

Trump’s weekend – New Russia questions & shutdown irritants

Even then, the President avoided giving direct answers when Pirro asked if he is present or has worked for Russia. After the New York Times report, the question came to the question that law enforcement officers started an investigation in 2017, whether Trump was working against Russia against American interests. The newspaper said that the inquiry happened after the Presidential shootout of FBI Director James Comey.

“I think I have asked the most insulting thing till now,” Trump told a private friend, Pirro, “I think this is the most insulting article written by me, and if you read the article see That they did not get anything ”

Trump insisted that no President has adopted a tough stance against Russia.

“If you ask people in Russia, then I’m stern in comparison to anyone else on Russia, any other … perhaps any other president, period, but certainly the last three or four presidents,” he said.

According to three White House colleagues and Republicans of the White House, White House colleagues regretted that the President did not refuse to be a clear and forceful Russian agent, which was usually told by the friendly Fox News host. The three spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the private conversation.

Trump also objected to a report from The Washington Post, stating that he had gone in extraordinary lengths to hide details of his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, from high-ranking officials in his administration. The report cites anonymous current and former US officials.

In a Fox News interview, Trump asked why the newspaper did so “big talk” with Putin in Helsinki last summer with his discussions. ‘ Trump’s weekend – New Russia questions & shutdown irritants

According to Russia’s report, when Trump recorded his presence in the White House with Democrats funding for his long-promised wall in the US, then on the US-Mexico border. The big swath of the government has been closed by weeks, whereas Trump and Democrats in Congress are at a stalemate for money for the boundary wall.

Trump is trying to play its presence in the White House as an indication during the deadlock that it is a Democrat who will not negotiate a deal.

Trump said to Pirro, “I like your symbol.” And they are not. And they are not. ‘

Trump has expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that he is not getting much credit for being on a large scale during the shutdown. The colleagues agreed that West Wing misled the first few days of the shutdown, when Trump was out of sight, and now with the Oval Office speech, the Texas border and the President’s continued tour, try to use his office network are doing. Waiting for the Democrats in the White House to tweet about to work.

By Sunday night, a blanket of ice in Washington provided a tranquil background for the dissident president.  “I wish I could share the beauty and beauty of the outside of the lawn and the Rose Garden in the White House and in the snow-filled lawn. Something really is – special country, special place! ”He tweeted.

Trump claims that he has become hard on Russia, on Sunday, the Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrats of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Concerned by the concerns of members of both sides about the work of Moscow, the senator said that almost all restrictions on Russia were born in the Congress, not in the White House. Warner accuses the White House of running a slow pace to impose a fine. Trump’s weekend – New Russia questions & shutdown irritants.

The Times reported that FBI agents and some top officials questioned Trump’s relationship to Russia during the presidential campaign of 2016, but there was not a probe open as they were not sure how to do such sensitive investigations.

According to the newspaper, Trump’s behavior helped trigger the counter-insurgency part of the investigation in the days around comedy’s May 2017 shootout.


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