Taliban adopted this strategy in response to US air strikes- increased crisis in Afghanistan

Taliban played Holi of blood in Afghanistan - killed 43 people: fierce battle in Kandahar

Taliban adopted this strategy in response to US air strikes- increased crisis in Afghanistan- The Taliban is intensifying attacks in provincial cities in response to increasing US airstrikes. Reuters quoted the Taliban commander as saying that the Taliban are preparing to capture more cities soon. Experts believe that the Taliban’s capture of cities like Kandahar and Herat will be a big blow to the Afghan government. If the Taliban capture cities like Kandahar and Herat, the road to Kabul could be easier for the Taliban.

Taliban wants to capture airports

Why is the Taliban being pressured to abide by the deal when the US is not fulfilling its promises, a Taliban commander told Reuters on condition of anonymity. The commander has further said that we have decided to capture Kandahar, Herat and Helmand. Our priority is to capture the important airports of Kandahar and Herat. After that we will move towards Kunduj and Khost.

However, Taliban negotiator Suhail Shaheen told Reuters that we are continuing our policy of gaining control of rural areas of Afghanistan and implementing Islamic Sharia there. Instead of focusing on cities, this is our main focus right now.

Fighting is no longer limited to any area

Experts have said that a change in the Taliban’s strategy is visible since July. The main evidence is the violation of the urban boundary. Fighting is no longer confined to any area. The Taliban have intensified attacks since Eid.

Taliban violence in Afghanistan continues unabated. Taliban has killed a girl child for not wearing a burqa. Last week, the Taliban killed the famous Afghan comedian. Now the Taliban has killed Abdullah Atifi, the famous poet and historian of Afghanistan.

Millions of people have come in support of the Afghan army in fighting the Taliban. Thousands of people are fighting with the Afghan army against the Taliban. The Afghan Defense Ministry has said that more than 300 Taliban militants have been killed and hundreds of terrorists have been injured in the past few days.


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