Lion Air plane crashed near Java Sea with 188 Passengers

Lion Air plane crashed near Java Sea with 188 Passengers:- As per the official authority statement, an aircraft with 189 people on board was sunk after being crashed into the ocean from Indonesia’s Java island on Monday, immediately after landing from the capital, was heading towards a key tin-mining area.

Indonesia’s rescue and search agency confirmed the crash of Lion Air Flight, JT610 and said that 13 minutes after the takeoff, the contact with the ground authority was lost, and a tugboat dropped from the capital’s port.

Lion Air plane crashed near Java Sea with 188 Passengers: Latest News

The agency’s chief Muhammad Syaugi said at a press conference, “We do not know yet whether there is any survivor or not”, the emergency transmitter of the aircraft has not found any problem signs. “We hope we pray, but we can’t affirm.”

They said that some things like handphone and life vests were found near 30 meters (98 to 115 feet) deep in water, where the air tracking service FlightType 24 detected as a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft lost contact went.

Syaugi stated, “We are present there to find out is there any survivor,  our helicopters and ships are roaming over the sea, for help.” “We are trying to descend to find debris.”

At least 23 government officials were on the plane, an air navigation spokesman had said that it was to return back before losing contact.

Lion Air Group’s chief executive Edward Sheret said to Reuters, “We do not dare to say what the facts are or are not.” “We are also confused about this because it was a new aircraft.” Lion Air plane crashed near Java Sea with 188 Passengers

In a report, the private-owned airline told that the aircraft, which was operated since August, was airworthy, its pilots and co-pilots had accumulated 11,000 hours of flight time together.”


An official of state energy company Pertamina said that the debris from aircraft including aircraft seats was found near an offshore resin facility in the Java Sea.

The head of the Transportation Security Committee of Indonesia said that he could not confirm the main reason of the accident, which would have to wait till the recovery of the black box of the aircraft because the data flight recorder and cockpit voice recorder are known.

“We’re preparing to go to the location where it crashed,” stated Sorgento Tzahajono. “The aircraft was so modern, it transfers data from the plane, and we will also check it, but the most essential black box is.”

Security experts say that almost all accidents are due to the combination of issues and rarely have an identifiable cause.

At the time of the accident the weather was clear, Tjahjono said.


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