Nirav Modi extradition next big case in the UK after Chawla and Mallya

Nirav Modi extradition next big case in the UK

Nirav Modi extradition next big case in the UK: The case of fugitive jeweler Nirav Modi is the latest in high-profile extortion cases running in British courts, where recent investigations by Indian investigators did not investigate. Officials said that Sharp Media Focus has raised the bar. Following the extradition request by the British Home Secretary, Sajid Javid last week to certified India, Nirav Modi’s case is set to begin in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Two other high-profile cases of businessman Vijay Mallya and alleged cricket bookie Sanjeev Chawla have moved to the High Court. Magistrate Court ordered to face the allegations of fraud in India for the extradition of Mallya in December. Chawla’s extradition, which is an accused in the match-fixing scandal with former South African captain Hansie Cronje in late 2000, was cleared a month later.

Nirav Modi extradition next big case in the UK after After Chawla and Mallya

A spokesperson of the judiciary said that the notice of the appeal was filed on February 14 in the Mallya case. “The appellant [Mallya] will now have to send the basis for the appeal. When they receive the defendant, the notice has to be sent to [the home office], “the spokesman said. “This allows for up to 20 working days to happen. Then it will be sent to a single judge who will look at the papers to see whether it will proceed for hearing the appeal or not.”

Javid ordered the extradition of Chawla on 27th February. Chawla has 14 working days – until 19 March – to appeal against the order. Mallya and Chawla used the risks of prison conditions and their human rights as the basis for blocking the extradition.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate, Nirav Modi, are in London to discuss the matter, which will be commenced by the Westminster Magistrate Court after being satisfied with the content provided with Javid’s certification.

In the previous cases, the bills of poorly written information and documents, many handwritten, followed Indian extradition requests in the UK, unless the focus of Mallya’s case was not focused on improving the quality of the paperwork For the attention of the officials, the officials said – Since the signing of the Extradition Treaty by India and Britain in 1993, paperwork Is blamed for failures in securing.

Officials associated with the Mallya case said that it is Nirav Modi extradition next big case in the UK and a “learning Excercise” for the ministries, the CBI and others. One official said that for the first time, “joined-up thinking” and attention was given to expansion in various quarters in New Delhi and London. In the case of Nirav Modi, a similar focus can be made. For the latest updates or trending news, you can visit

After delays in production of an important document to be presented at the Westminster Magistrate Court, a joint secretary was removed in a key ministry during Mallya’s hearing. From the time when the Indian bureaucracy was known for the delay, the Mallya case clearly changed the approach.


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