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X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review- Hollywood with male Superhero is now showing confidence and faith about female Superhero. After the first film superhero film ‘Captain Marvel’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now about two decades ago, in the recent release film ‘Dark Phoenix’ of ‘X Men’ series, the role of the movie superhero Jean Grey was placed in the centre. is. Not only this, but there is also a dialogue at the beginning of the film, where Raven aka Mistik (Jennifer Lawrence), a key member of the X Men’s team, says, “Every time women save the team, hence its name is now X-Female instead of X Men Should give.’

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review

Artist: Jams Mccaye, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Nicholas Hout, Michael Fassbender, Ti Sheridan, Alexandra Ship, Cody Smith Mcphie, Jessica Shasten

Director: Simon Kinnberg

Movie Type: Sci-Fi, Action

Duration: 2 hours 24 minutes

Story: Beginning in the seventies, where the little genes break grey things due to their uncontrolled powers and lose their parents in such an accident, after which Charles Xavier, the creator of the X main team of mutants (James McCoy) joins him in his team. From here the story reaches the nineties, where Adult Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is the X-Men team’s Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), Hank (Nicholas Hout), Scott (Ti Sheridan), Storm (Alexandra Ship) and Kurt (Cody Smith McPhee goes on a space mission, where it has to confront the cosmic force of a fire-like shell.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review- Jeans survive in this fight, but their powers become so unlimited that they have no control over their own. He becomes a threat to those around him and close people. Eric aka Magneto (Michael Fasbender), who gives a safe place to mutants, does not shelter the genes by detecting the danger. Again, she meets Elian Mutant (Jessica Chasten), who wants to make the world her bus using Jean’s powers. In this way, how does Jean Overkill his dark side? How to deal with the challenge of saving the X Men Team Jean and Universe, all this movie will be known.

Review: writer-director Simon Kinnberg has emphasized the emotions in the film, but he could not make Dark Phoenix as grand as per the stature of this series. Jean’s character remains confused for a long time and their conjugation is actually the conformity of Writers that they did not understand how to increase the story. Action scenes are good in the film, but it is not what has not been seen before. Sophie Turner has given a powerful performance as a superhero Dark Phoenix. Also, emotions and conjugation are shown as well. At the same time, Jessica Chesten looks fantastic in the negative role of Wuk. Apart from this, James McCoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hout etc. have also done complete justice with their roles. For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.


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