World’s third largest diamond found in Africa, shine such that just keep looking

World's third largest diamond found in Africa

World’s third largest diamond found in Africa, shine such that just keep looking- The land of Africa holds many priceless treasures inside itself. Now one such treasure has been found in the African country of Botswana. The world’s third-largest diamond has been excavated in Botswana. Debswana, the company that discovered this diamond, said that this amazing diamond is of 1,098 carats. On June 1, this diamond was shown to the country’s President Mokgwetsi Masi.

“It is believed to be the third-largest quality diamond in the world,” said Lynette Armstrong, managing director of Debswana. He said that this rare and extraordinary stone is of great importance to the diamond industry and Botswana. He said that this huge diamond has brought a new ray of hope to our struggling country. This diamond has not yet been named.

The world’s largest diamond was found in South Africa

The Debswana company said that this diamond is 73mm long and 52mm wide. He said that this is the biggest discovery ever in our history. The Debswana company has been created by the government of Botswana and the world’s largest diamond company De Beers. Earlier in the year 1905, the world’s largest diamond was found in South Africa. It was about 3,106 carats. The world’s second-largest diamond, the size of a tennis ball, was found in 2015 in northeastern Botswana.

This diamond was of 1109 carats and was named Lacedi la Rona. Botswana is the top diamond producing country in Africa. The government of Botswana has got a big relief due to the discovery of this diamond in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. Debswana Company sells 80 per cent of its diamond revenue to the government. Diamond sales have fallen significantly due to the Coronavirus crisis. This has reduced the income of the country.