Which leader of Bihar made Kanhaiya Kumar’s entry in Congress

Which leader of Bihar made Kanhaiya Kumar's entry in Congress

Which leader of Bihar made Kanhaiya Kumar’s entry in Congress- who was the ‘God Father’Congress is set to welcome former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar and Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani. Both the youth leaders are set to join the Congress at around 3 pm on Tuesday. The two leaders had recently met Rahul Gandhi and sources say that talks have been finalized between these leaders and the Congress party. Congress wants to bring these two leaders together ahead of the assembly elections and especially Mevani before the Gujarat elections for his oratory and ability to draw crowds. From the point of view of North India, the news of Kanhaiya Kumar joining the Congress is making headlines in the media. Growing up among Left ideologues since childhood, Kanhaiya Kumar’s separation from the Communist Party of India (CPI) is raising many questions in the minds of the people.

Discussions are being held in the political corridor as to why Kanhaiya Kumar has decided to leave the Left party. Apart from this, questions are also being raised as that why is Kanhaiya Kumar getting separated from the CPI at such a young age. Let us try to know the answer to all these questions.

Because of this, Kanhaiya Kumar got sour with the CPI!

Kanhaiya Kumar came into the limelight due to the so-called anti-national sloganeering in JNU. When the issue of sloganeering became heated, many aspects of Kanhaiya’s life came in front of the media, in which a picture of him was seen. In this picture of Kanhaiya Kumar’s school time, he is seen honoring Left leader AB Vardhan. An investigation into the young leader’s family background revealed that his parents were also inspired by Left ideology. In such a situation, the biggest question that arises is that how can a leader who has grown in the midst of Left ideology since childhood suddenly decided to join the Congress.

Although there are many reasons behind abandoning one ideology and adopting the flag of another ideology, but on investigating the case of Kanhaiya Kumar, only one immediate reason is visible.

During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, many such cases had come to the fore, on the basis of which it can be said that the CPI’s Bihar state leadership was unable to digest Kanhaiya Kumar among them. Several leaders of the Bihar CPI were alleging that excessive trust was being reposed on the young leader. Kanhaiya Kumar was not able to get the full support of the Left leaders of Bihar even after wishing. It is being told that Kanhaiya Kumar was invited to attend a program of CPI in Begusarai parliamentary constituency two weeks ago. It is being said that due to the opposition of local party leaders, the program was canceled without informing Kanhaiya Kumar. On the other hand, Kanhaiya Kumar had reached Begusarai from Delhi to attend this program. Sources reveal that Kanhaiya Kumar got very angry when he came to know about the cancellation of the program without informing and at the same time told his supporters that his mind has become sour in this party. This incident is believed to be the immediate reason for Kanhaiya Kumar’s separation from the CPI.

Earlier, in the presence of D Raja in Hyderabad, the National Committee of CPI had passed a censure motion against Kanhaiya Kumar for his behavior. In the CPI, it is considered a big punishment. The youth leaders were already getting annoyed by this. Due to the behavior of the Bihar CPI leaders, his attachment to the party was uprooted.

Who is the god father of Kanhaiya Kumar in the Left party?

In the system of function of the Left parties, it is extremely difficult for any leader to get a key position in the organisation. There are very complex rules and regulations for this. Ignoring the rules and regulations of the party, Kanhaiya Kumar was given a lot of encouragement by the CPI. Even Kanhaiya Kumar was made a candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Begusarai seat called Leningrad of Behar. However, Kanhaiya got upset in front of BJP’s strong leader Giriraj Singh.

After talking to the leaders of the Left parties, it comes to know that Satyanarayan Singh played an important role in getting Kanhaiya Kumar so much importance in the CPI. Veteran leader and then secretary of Bihar CPI Satyanarayan Singh was confident that if the party was to be strengthened again, a young face would have to be put forward. Satyanarayan Singh is believed to have persuaded the party leaders to bet on Kanhaiya’s face. After the death of Satyanarayan Singh after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the party’s Bihar unit started marginalizing Kanhaiya Kumar. After the death of his god father in the CPI, Kanhaiya Kumar had started looking for alternatives for himself in other parties.