What is the truth behind the death of businessman Manish Gupta? Questions being raised

Manish Gupta Murder: Manish Gupta's last call before death- what happened that night?

What is the truth behind the death of businessman Manish Gupta? Questions being raised- The UP Police is in the dock over the death of property dealer Manish Gupta of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Khaki has been stained with murder charges, which she is finding difficult to wash off. The UP Police has termed Manish Gupta’s death as an accident, but the family claims that the policemen killed Manish Gupta by thrashing them. Zee News conducted an investigation from Kanpur to Gorakhpur, in which 10 questions came to the fore on the theory of police. Perhaps the truth of Manish’s death is hidden in these 10 questions.

Question number 1- Did Manish Gupta really die due to a fall?

After the death of Manish Gupta, his family is immersed in grief. In this case, the finger is being raised on Gorakhpur Police. Manish Gupta’s wife is blaming the police for her husband’s death. In such a situation, a top officer of UP Police gave an important statement. Uttar Pradesh ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar said that Manish Gupta did not have any ID proof. The police asked Manish Gupta to show the ID. Manish Gupta ran away as he did not have an ID card. During this, he died due to a fall.

That is, in a way, the ADG gave a clean chit to the policemen present on the spot on the charges of murder. Whereas Manish Gupta’s wife has written in her complaint the names of the policemen of Gorakhpur whom she suspects of killing her husband. Three policemen have also been named in the FIR, while a case has also been registered against three unknown policemen. But many questions arise on this claim of UP Police.

Question number 2- When the police arrived, Manish Gupta was sleeping in the hotel room, then from where did he fall and how did he fall?

According to the postmortem report, Manish Gupta had a severe head injury. There were also wound marks on the body.

Question number 3- The injury became the cause of death of Manish Gupta. If a person fell in a hotel room, he could get hurt so deeply and cause so many fatal wounds?

Question also arises on the claim of UP Police that Manish Gupta did not have ID.

Question number 4- The fourth question related to this is whether it can be believed that Manish Gupta reached Gorakhpur from Kanpur without taking any ID?

Manish was staying in a big hotel in Gorakhpur. How did Manish Gupta get a room in the hotel if he didn’t have an ID? Nowadays, even if you do not have a hard copy of the ID card, then you can show the digital ID. In such a situation, it is difficult to believe the claim of the police. There are some other important questions related to this, which are yet to be answered.

Question number 5- If a person does not have an ID and has not committed any crime, then why will he run away? According to the information till now, Manish Gupta was innocent. The police have not leveled any charges against them. Then why did they need to run away? Did the police beat up Manish Gupta, to escape from which he ran and fell during this? Businessman Manish Gupta died at Krishna Palace Hotel in Gorakhpur. This is where Manish Gupta stayed with his friends in room number 512. The secret of Manish’s death is hidden in this hotel.

Question number 6- Why was the UP police checking in the hotel at midnight? Did the police get an input about the stay of any suspect in the hotel?

If yes, which suspect or which criminal was caught that night from there? The question is also that how did the police come to know that the suspects are staying in hotel room number 512 itself. While there the businessman Manish Gupta and his friends were sleeping. Either the input of the police was wrong or it is lying.

After the death of Manish Gupta, a video is viral on social media in which the SSP and DM of Gorakhpur are assuring Meenakshi Gupta of justice, talking of action against the guilty policemen. But the truth is that the FIR, in this case, was registered after the order of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

But the question arises that if the claim of SSP sahib is solid, then why were 6 policemen of Gorakhpur suspended in the case of Manish Gupta’s death? If it was just an accident, not murder, then why was there a need to take action? Does UP Police take action against its jawans and officers even for accidents?

Question number 7- Not only this, the question also becomes that if the police team that went to check-in the hotel had not done any mistake and Manish died accidentally, then why are all those accused officers absconding? Therefore the theory of the police is contradictory in itself.

It is alleged that the evidence was destroyed from the hotel in Gorakhpur where this incident took place. It is said that the spot has been cleaned. The bloodstains lying in the room were also cleaned.

Question number 8- The question is, to what extent are the allegations of destruction of evidence in the hotel true?

It should have happened that the hotel room where Manish Gupta and his friends were staying would have been sealed immediately so that there would be no tampering with the evidence and all the agencies which would investigate the matter in the coming time would be given all the necessary details. Get evidence by chance and incident. But it is alleged that the Gorakhpur Police was negligent in this matter. Evidence was tampered with in the hotel room without the completion of the forensic investigation.