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A video call from wife cost Rohit Shekhar's life

A video call from wife cost Rohit Shekhar’s life: On the Morning of April 26, a husband and wife, who turned into a murder, barely took two minutes to quarrel. For the Delhi Police, it took a week to establish that the wife was an alleged killer. The police said that a Video call had killed another man (withdrawn with name) about a common glass of liquor and a glass of Liquor, killing him. The events of the killing of 40-year-old Rohit Shekhar Tiwari, son of former UP Chief Minister ND Tiwari, took place around  5.30 pm on April 15, when he was returning from Kathgodam in Uttrakhand, where he went to cast his vote.

While traveling in three cars, Shekhar was with his mother Ujjwala Tiwari, his sister-in-law, his husband and a team of employees. Police said that Shekhar and his distant sister-in-law captured the last seat of a car and was being served Liquor by an employee, who was identified as Golu.

ND Tiwari’s Son Was Drunk, A video call from wife cost Rohit Shekhar’s life

Additional commissioner of police (Crime Branch) Rajiv Rajan said, “Shekhar and the second lady (Distant Sister-in-law) had Finished a full bottle of liquor during the trip”. But Shekar’s 35-year-old wife Aproova Shukla Tiwari hated his sister in law. “ Aproova saw the woman as the reason for her impending divorce. She rejected the woman’s proximity to her her husband,” said Rajan.

At 5:30Apoorva made a video call to Shekhar to ask about dinner. Shekhar allegedly attempted to hide the woman during a video call, but she got sufficient indications. An investigator said, “The sound of bangles and the glance of a woman’s clothing attracted the attention of the uncommon.”

When the group reached the bungalow at Shekhar’s Defense Colony at 10:00, the woman also walked with her. Police said that Apoorva did not raise this issue.

A video call from wife cost Rohit Shekhar’s life, Since Shekhar was “heavily intoxicated”, Apoorva served him dinner. After this, the couple retired to their bedroom on the first floor. After half an hour, Shekhar’s mother went home and called this couple for a chat. Soon, Shekhar complained of uneasiness and later moved to his room.

The official said that Apoorva watched the television till 12.45 when she decided to visit her husband’s bedroom and talk about the woman in the car.

“When he began to fight with Apoorva Shekhar, he told him that he and the other woman were drinking in the car with the same glass. She became angry with him and swooped on him, strangulated him and murdered him and then murdered him to stop him from screaming. Then he used his bare hands to kill him.” For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

Rajiv Rajan said that Shekhar was too drunk to fight and his bypass heart Surgery made him Physically weak in less than a year. “no one has found crime in the house”.

A video call from wife cost Rohit Shekhar’s life, Another official said that Apoorva did not know how to react after the murder and spent the next hour roaming in Shekhar’s bedroom. The officer said, “She left for his bedroom around 2:00, but could not sleep.” At 9:00 in the morning, Golu peeped inside Shekhar’s room to find him sleeping and decided not to disturb him because he knew his Insomnia and long-standing habit of sleeping.

Meanwhile, Shekhar’s mother Ujjwala Tiwari, who lives at his Tilak lane House, tried to contact his son but Apoorva asked him not to get upset in sleep, the official said.

At about 3;30 pm, Apoorva sent Golu to wake Shekhar for waking up. “ Bit Golu Found Shekhar irresponsible and his nose was bleeding. When he waved it a little, Shekhar’s mouth started bleeding. The official said that Golu raised the alarm after which the ambulance was called. Shekhar was later declared dead at Max Super Specialty Hospital.

The police sent the body to the dead body and recorded Shekhar’s wife and mother’s statement. The body was cremated, but the crime branch said that the room was sealed shortly.

Once in the post mortem report pointing to murder, the police examined the role of all the occupants of the house but mainly focused on three persons – Apoorva, Golu and Driver Akhilesh. Police said that CCTV cameras installed on the ground confirmed that only three of them had access to Shekhar that night.

“Golu and Akhilesh were completely dependent on Shekhar for their livelihood. The official said that there were inconsistencies in Apoorva’s statements.

Apoorva finally ran away from the stories and confessed


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