Uproar on stage in a beauty contest in Sri Lanka, winner injured

Uproar on stage in a beauty contest in Sri Lanka, winner injured

Uproar on stage in a beauty contest in Sri Lanka, winner injured – In this competition named Mrs. Sri Lanka, Pushpika De Silva was chosen as the winner. The ceremony, which took place on Sunday, was being shown on the Sri Lankan government TV channel.

But the previous winner Caroline Jury, who was on the stage, took away her crown, saying that she cannot be given this title because she is divorced. A lot of video of this incident is being shared.

Caroline told the audience, “There is a rule of competition that prevents women who are divorced, so I am giving this crown to the number two contestant.”
Saying this, he took the crown from D’Silva’s head and put the second number contestant standing nearby. De Silva left the stage crying after the incident.
She later told the organizers that she is not divorced but is living separately from her husband.

Two days after this incident, the organizers returned the title to him and apologized.
Pushpika D’Silva also told in a Facebook post that after the incident she had gone to the hospital for treatment of head injuries.

She has also written that she will take a legal path against the “inappropriate and degrading” behavior that has happened to her.
D’Silva also held a press conference and dedicated the Taj he got to single mothers i.e. women who are raising their children without a husband.

He said, “Today there are many single mothers like me in Sri Lanka who are suffering. This victory is dedicated to those women, those single mothers who are facing all this in return for raising their children alone.”

Mrs Sri Lanka World’s national director, Chandimal Jaisinghe, told the BBC that Mrs D Silva was returned to the crown on Tuesday.

He said, “The Caroline jury’s behavior on the stage was abusive and we have started an investigation into the matter.”

The police have also interrogated the Caroline jury.
“Mrs. Sri Lanka World” is a major competition in Sri Lanka. This year, the guests of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister were also included in the ceremony.


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