UP: More than 100 patients died of dengue-viral so far- 75 died in Firozabad only

UP: More than 100 patients died of dengue-viral so far- 75 died in Firozabad only

UP: More than 100 patients died of dengue-viral so far- 75 died in Firozabad only- The havoc of dengue and viral fever is increasing in the entire state. So far 75 people have lost their lives in Firozabad alone. 17 in Mathura, three in Mainpuri, two in Kasganj have become victims of dengue and viral. On the other hand, in Gonda, more than three thousand patients are reaching hospitals suffering from suspected fever every day. Whereas in Kanpur, 10 people died in seven days due to viral fever.

On Thursday, 14 people including four innocent people died. These include 11 patients in Firozabad, two in Mainpuri, and one in Mathura. At the same time, the death toll in Firozabad has reached 75. On the other hand, DM Chandravijay Singh directed to suspend the Medical Officer in charge of PHC Salai, Dr. Girish Srivastava, Medical Officer-in-Charge Dr. Saurabh Prakash, and Public Health Expert Dr. Ruchi Yadav with immediate effect.

Manoj Kumar, six-month-old Manu’s daughter, resident of Mohalla Ojha Nagar street number four, died on Thursday. Harsh (9) son Pappu Kushwaha, resident of Om Nagar, died while on his way to Jaipur. Manisha (25) wife of New Ambedkar Nagar, Neeraj, also died in a private hospital in Agra, while daughter Anjali is struggling with life.

Shubham (12) son Pravesh, resident of Anand Nagar Kakrau, and Manav (10) son Kuldeep of Himayanpur Pathwari Mata Mandir Gali also died during treatment in Agra. At the same time, one and a half-month-old boy of Chandrabhan of Parashuram Colony died. One and a half month old Rishabh son Guddu of Karbala street number six also died.

Kanhaiyalal (25) Subedar of Azad Nagar died at his house. Muskan’s (12) daughter Babi and Nagla Aman’s Kamna (17) daughter Dharmendra also died in Nagla Mawasi of Makkhpur. Nancy (5) of Saraswati Nagar also died.

On the other hand, Sarla (70), wife of Atar Singh, resident of Lekhpur village of Bichwan, Mainpuri, and Sanjeevan (63), wife of Ram Singh of Rathera, died. At the same time, Raja (12) son Harishchandra, a resident of Koh in Mathura, died. The enraged villagers gheraoed the CMO.

10 people died in seven days in Kanpur

In Kanpur, diseases have started wreaking havoc again. Ten people died in seven days due to dengue and viral fever. Five of these patients have lost their lives in the last 24 hours. These include two children. Another patient also died of fever on Wednesday in Kursauli village of Kalyanpur. Earlier in this village, a teenager has died of fever.

Kanpur: Scrub typhus-like symptoms in patients

Health officials are calling symptoms like high fever with platelets falling to 30 thousand and respiratory system failure. Actually, it is scrub typhus disease. If it is not investigated in the city, then it is being ignored. The patients have been confirmed in the tests conducted in Delhi, but so far the physicians are ignoring the hilly areas as a disease.

People who have had dengue once, get hit more.

People who have had dengue once are more vulnerable to the other variants. It is difficult to save the life of such people when they have dengue. More care has to be taken in the treatment of such patients. Medications are given while monitoring other parameters including their platelets. Recently, many such patients have been found, in which its second variant was attacked.

The process of getting dengue patients has increased in the state. Dengue and fever are causing death not only in Firozabad, Mainpuri, Mathura but also in other parts. This disease caused by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito is increasing rapidly in different parts of the state. Medical experts say that there are four major dengue variants found in India. Dengue one, Dengue two, Dengue three and Dengue four. In Dengue I, where platelets drop with fever, in Dengue II there may be bleeding, fever, and shock. There can be fever without shock in Dengue III and fever in Dengue IV with shock and without shock.

The apprehension expressed in the research

The genetic study, published in the journal Infection Genetics and Evolution, has also raised the fear that this serious disease may have been caused by changes in its variant. A new variant of dengue is being feared this year as well.

Those who sweat more are at greater risk

It has been revealed in various research reports that mosquitoes are more like people with excess carbon dioxide, lactic acid. People who exercise more or do more hard work have an excess of carbon dioxide and lactic acid in their sweat. Due to the smell of sweat of such people, these mosquitoes come more near them.

What do experts say

People who have had dengue once should be more careful. Once dengue occurs, antibodies remain in them for two to three years. But in the meantime, if another variant of dengue attacks, then the risk of the patient’s life increases. Recently, many such patients have been found, who was admitted in critical condition. Every parameter of such patients has to be treated keeping in mind.

Dr. D Himanshu, Infectious Diseases Unit Incharge, KGMU