Travel by train during the Corona era, then follow these special rules of the railway!

Travel by train during the Corona era, then follow these special rules of the railway!

The Indian Railways has taken a strict stance to ensure that masks are worn on behalf of the people at the stations. Special guidelines have been issued for wearing masks of people at railway stations. Fines for not wearing masks in the railway premises or inside the train will be fined up to Rs 500. The provision of fines is not just about masks, but also about spitting or spreading dirt here and there. You can be fined up to 500 rupees even if you spit here or there inside the railway station or train or you spread dirt.

Railways says that walking in the station premises or trains without masks and spitting here and there will be dirt in the station premises and the train. Due to dirt people can get all kinds of diseases and due to not keeping cleanliness in the corona period, the corona virus can also spread.

Will have to take care for the next 6 months

It is not that you have to take care of this rule for a few days. According to the railway, passengers will have to take care of the regulations related to masks for the next 6 months. In such a situation, if you are planning to go somewhere by train in the next 6 months, then remember that you will be wearing masks during the journey and at the railway station. Railway has issued rules in this regard on Saturday.

Confirmed ticket is required

These days have prohibited unreserved travel and a reserved ticket is required to travel on all trains except some trains. In such a situation, if you are also traveling somewhere, then book the ticket in advance and travel if the ticket is confirmed.

Bedsheets and pillows will not be available

Also, those who are traveling in AC, tell them that due to Corona virus, bedsheet, pillow and blanket are not being provided to the passengers. In such a situation, if you are traveling in AC in the coming days, then you will have to take all the things along with you.


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