The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review- Movie Cast

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review- Based on a book from the Hollywood director Ken Stock’s film, which was rewarded in many international film festivals in Norway and Spain. The name of that book is also ‘The Extra Ordinary Journey of the Fakir’. The film makes sense of Feelgood Factor from beginning to end, and there are so many tickling moments in the film that your wide smile does not collapse in the whole film. After the film ends, you are also happy as the hero Dhanush.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review

Story: The childhood of Ajatshatru Lavash Patel urf Aja (Dhanush) living in Mumbai’s street passes through a very interesting twist. Aja, who is anxious for his father, has studied the stereotype that he has come in the world on magic, but after going to school, Aja knows that they are poor and in the whole world, his father is somewhere. Aja’s only dream is that he became rich and took Mother to Paris. His mother is a single parent and Aja knows only after the death of his mother that his father was a Spanish and performs magic on the street, In fact, he gets his father’s letter and picture from his mother’s luggage. Just after that, Aja has to go on a journey that brings him to many interesting places in the world as well as to the strange and poor people. Firstly, he arrives in Paris on the basis of a fake Euro note, where he gets his love as Murree (Arian Moriarty). He could not even fulfil the promise of meeting on the Eiffel tower from Murree that circumstances become such that after England and Barcelona, ​​Libya can reach. In this journey, he meets with the Spanish heroine Nellie (Berenice Bezo), who sells the story written by him and helps to make him rich. In this journey, he makes many friends and he makes a smile and remembrance to everyone in his Adventures Journey.

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Movie Review-  Watching ‘The Extra Ordinary Journey of the Fakir’, directed by Foreign Directors Ken Stock, is also appealing because they focus on human angles rather than reducing India’s poverty in the film. In the film, he is also woven with the problems of Refugee and relationships. Like many countries, there are many colors in the film, which takes the story to the floor according to the title. For the latest updates, visit

So far Dhanush has seen Hindi movies such as ‘Ranjhana’, ‘Shamitabh’ and ‘VIP’, but in ‘The Extra Ordinary Journey of the Fakir’, Dhanush, in front of his cinematic image, Have managed to entertain the audience. The character of Aja is the film’s power and through it he has been able to illuminate the story. Chemistry of Aja has become amazing with Mother (Amrita Sant) and Pet Cow Mohini. Amrita Sant has been successful in maintaining the ease of its role. Erin Moriarty, Barenice Bezo, Able Jaffery, etc. have done the best work according to their characters. Harti Singh’s versatility and innocence in the form of childhood give different color to the story. In the music of Amit Trivedi, songs and music have become melodious.


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