Taliban capture Afghanistan in 90 days! Ghani made a plan to eliminate terrorists

Taliban capture Afghanistan in 90 days! Ghani made a plan to eliminate terrorists

Taliban capture Afghanistan in 90 days! Ghani made a plan to eliminate terrorists- US intelligence agencies have warned that Taliban terrorists may occupy Afghanistan in the next 30 to 90 days. After this revelation, there has been a stir in the Ashraf Ghani government of Afghanistan. The advantage of the Taliban is that it has so far captured 65 percent of the country. The Afghan government has prepared a three-stage master plan to defeat the Taliban.

Afghan Interior Minister General Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal told Al Jazeera on Wednesday that the government was arming local groups to push back the Taliban. He said the Afghan army is trying to secure highways, major cities and border crossings after the Taliban captured nine provinces. Mirzakwal recently became the head of the country’s 130,000 police force.

Government supporting the local militia

The Afghan interior minister said the government is now supporting the local volunteer militia, which is being referred to as the ‘upraising movement’. “We are working in three phases. The first step is to prevent the defeat of the government troops. In the second phase, the troops are to be regrouped so that with their help, a security cordon can be prepared around the cities. He told that the security personnel who have left their posts, we are bringing them back there.

Mirzakwal said that after this the third phase would begin in which aggressive action would be launched against the Taliban. He said that at this time we are moving towards the second phase. This statement of the Afghan Interior Minister has come at a time when Taliban terrorists in the country are moving very fast towards Kabul. Now Mazar-e-Sharif has come on their target. Mirzakwal said that the main reason for the government’s defeat was the loss of control over roads and highways.

‘We have very limited air support’

The Afghan leader said that after the withdrawal of American troops, a fierce war started in 400 areas of the country. “We have very limited air support,” he said. Helicopters are being used to carry goods and rescue the injured. Mirzakwal said that the central government is giving power to local leaders to recruit people from within their community for the war against the Taliban. These people have expressed full support to the Afghan President and the government. Later they will be inducted into the Afghan army.