Supreme Court said – paid vaccination of people between 18 and 44 years is arbitrary Decision

1.33 crore people registered for vaccine on first day

Supreme Court said – paid vaccination of people between 18 and 44 years is arbitrary Decision- During the Corona epidemic, the Supreme Court has asked important questions to the government on the issue of medicine, treatment, oxygen and vaccination. However, when the government questioned the rights of the court during this period, the court cited the Constitution and said that when the rights of the people are attacked, it cannot remain silent.

During the hearing held on Wednesday regarding vaccination, the Center said that the court cannot interfere in government policies. On this, the court said- We are following the role assigned to us by the Constitution. According to the Constitution, when the executive violates the rights of the people, the judiciary should not be a mute spectator.

The Supreme Court termed the decision of paid vaccination of people in the country between 18 to 44 years as arbitrary and irrational. The court also asked how the blind will use the Covin app on which registration is being said to be necessary. Half of the country’s population does not have a mobile phone, how will they get vaccinated.

Action against arbitrary and irrational decisions

Talking about judicial review of the decisions of the government, the court also cited the example of Gujarat Mazdoor Sabha vs State of Gujarat. The court said that from time to time, the judiciary has been interfering in decisions related to violation of the rights of the people. After this, the court said that the courts across the world have taken action against arbitrary and irrational policies under the guise of the epidemic.

Where did the central government spend the money for vaccination

A bench of Justice DY Chandrachud, Justice LN Rao and Justice SR Bhatt asked that you have kept a budget of 35 thousand crores for vaccination, where have you spent it so far. The court also asked the Center for the account of the vaccine and also asked what steps have been taken for the medicine of black fungus infection.

Know what the Supreme Court said and what instructions were given …

6 answers sought from the center

  1. How the Vaccination Fund was spent

Vaccination is the most important thing. This is the single biggest task before the central government. The Center has kept a budget of 35 thousand crores for vaccination this year. The Center should clarify how this fund has been spent so far. Also explain why it was not used for free immunization of 18-44 age group.

  1. How many got the vaccine, tell the complete data

How many people were eligible to get the vaccine in the first, second and third phases and what percentage of these people have been vaccinated so far. Include both single dose and double dose in these. In these, also give the figure of how much population got the vaccine in rural areas and urban areas.

  1. Give the Vaccine Account

How many vaccines of Coveshield, Covaxin and Sputnik-V have been purchased so far. Indicate the date of order for the vaccine, the quantity of the vaccine ordered and the time by which it will be supplied.

  1. How to Vaccinate the Remaining Population

The Center has said that by the end of this year all the vaccinated population of the country will be vaccinated. Tell us when and how the government wants to vaccinate the remaining people in the first, second and third phases.

  1. State Clear Stand on Free Vaccination

The Center had said that state governments can get their population vaccinated free of cost. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that the state governments should clarify their position in this regard before the court whether they are going to do so or not. If the states agree to free vaccination of their people, then it becomes a matter of values. In such a situation, this policy should be told in response to the states so that the people of their state can be sure that they will get the right to free vaccination at the vaccination center. The states should tell us their position in two weeks and keep their respective policies.

  1. Give us the policy documents

All necessary documents showing the Center’s thinking on the Kovid vaccination policy should be placed before the court.

3 Strong Comments on the 18-44 Vaccination

  1. In the first two phases of vaccination, the center provided free vaccine to all. When it was the turn of the age group of 18 to 44 years, the Center put the responsibility of vaccination on the governments of the states and union territories. He was asked to pay for the vaccination of this age group. This order of the Center appears arbitrary and irrational at first sight.
  2. The Supreme Court also cited reports in which it was told that people aged between 18 and 44 were not only corona infected, but also had to stay in the hospital for a long time. In many cases, people of this age group also died.
  3. The court said that due to the changing nature of the corona epidemic, vaccination of people between the ages of 18 and 44 has become necessary. Vaccination arrangements can be made separately for the priority group.

on vaccine prices

States, Union Territories and private hospitals get 50% of the vaccine at pre-determined prices. The Center argues that the pricing policy has been implemented to bring in more private manufacturers. How sustainable is this argument when there are only two manufacturers to negotiate a predetermined price? On the other hand, the Center is saying that it is getting the vaccine at cheaper prices because it is ordering more quantity. On this the question arises that why does he not buy 100% dosage every month.