Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Ishq Vishk’ to get a sequel after 16 years

Shahid Kapoor starrer 'Ishq Vishk' to get a sequel

Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Ishq Vishk’ to get a sequel: 16 years have passed since Shahid Kapoor stepped in Bollywood. The actor made his debut with Ishq Vishk, which also stars Amrita Rao and Sher Treasury. The film was immediately hit and people could not emphasize Shahid’s Chocolate Boy Look. Since the release of Ishq Vishk, there was no return of Shahid. Now, after 16 years, Kishore is ready to receive the sequel to confirmation by romantic filmmaker Ramesh Taurani.

Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Ishq Vishk’ to get a sequel

He said to the Mumbai Mirror, “Yes, we are making the sequel of Ishq Vishk, the story is in the stage of the screenplay and it can be about a juvenile romance or college romance … It is expected that in the next two to three months we will lock Will do it. ” The scripts and the director started looking for the cast. “

Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao starrer ‘Ishq Vishk’ gets a sequel after 16 years! Talking about finalizing the finalization of Ishq Vishk in 2003, Taurani disclosed, “When we got Kane Ghosh on the board, he suggested two-three different concepts, which were established stars And will not really affect me. There was an idea for new people to come to the headlines, which we really liked and the project was green The. We took us a year to complete the process of really hard on the film, from the first pitch rap. “

When asked about launching Shahid, Ramesh said, “He was very young, so I told him to wait two to three years before launching.” When Ken told me the last story of Ishq Vishk, So I told him. ” I had a hero who fits in this part and brings him to Shahid. We cannot wait for manufacturers to announce more details soon!

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