Seeing this video of Neeraj Chopra, people running the agenda will drown in shame

Tokyo Olympics 2020: Neeraj Chopra wins gold medal: many celebs congratulated

Seeing this video of Neeraj Chopra, people running the agenda will drown in shame. Since winning the gold in the Tokyo Olympics, he has been in the news every day. Sometimes someone is calling them and performing collective choreography. So someone is asking the number of girlfriends in the name of interview. And it is Neeraj that in the search of practice, people are getting lighter. But where does it matter to us? If the sun has risen, until the whole village does not salute, then where will you find peace?

And in this connection, on August 25, an interview of Neeraj went viral. In this, he told how he got a little upset before his first throw in Tokyo. Because he was not getting his Javelin. Neeraj told that later he saw Pakistani javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem practicing with his javelin. Then Neeraj took the javelin and eventually won the gold with the same javelin.

And what is going on after Gold, we have already told in the beginning. But after these comments of Neeraj, a different thing appeared on Indian social media. Know what people told Arshad. Some were being called thieves and some terrorists. The whole of India was behind Neeraj’s good friend Arshad. And in this the number of people who remember Rana Pratap only in the name of Javelin or spear. And their specialties also include seeing the flying arrow with a greedy eye.

Neeraj also has a heart of gold! This hero became a shield for Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan

Neeraj said that Arshad Nadeem was preparing for his throw and there is nothing wrong in that either. Neeraj said, ‘It is not a big deal. I am sad that such a big issue is being made in vain by taking my support.

It is worth mentioning that Arshad describes Neeraj as his inspiration. He has been praising Neeraj many times. After the Asian Games in Doha where Neeraj won the gold medal and Arshad won the bronze medal there, Nadine had praised Arshad a lot.

He said, ‘I request all of you not to do this. Sports teaches everyone to walk together. We all javelin throwers live together.