Rahul-Disha Wedding Photos, Videos: From starting to marriage and sindoordan

Rahul-Disha Wedding Photos, Videos: From starting to marriage and sindoordan

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar have become each other forever. On Friday, July 16, both of them finally got married. Due to the lockdown and corona infection, the date of their marriage was pushed several times, but on Friday, when Rahul brought a procession to the beat of the drum and shehnai in Mumbai, the tone of Disha’s face was worth seeing. Rahul Vaidya, who became the groom himself, danced fiercely in his wedding, while the serpent dance of friends robbed the gathering.

Rahul Vaidya was seen in an off white sherwani at his wedding, while Disha Parmar’s beauty in a ruddy red lehenga was overwhelming. Due to Corona infection, only 50 guests were allowed to attend the wedding. Therefore, only some very close friends along with the relatives of Rahul and Disha were able to attend the ceremony.

Many pictures and videos of Rahul and Disha’s wedding have surfaced on social media. While the photo shoot just before the wedding of the couple is also going viral.

Rahul Vaidya proposed Disha Parmar for marriage in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ on National TV. Rahul’s best friends Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin also reached the wedding ceremony from the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Ali has also shared the picture of this new beautiful couple on Instagram.

The video of Rahul dancing fiercely and Jaimala of blushing-smiling Disha Parmar is also being seen a lot. Before putting a garland around each other’s neck, Rahul made Disha sit on her knees and put on a ring. We have already seen glimpses of how crazy Rahul is in Disha’s love. In such a situation, a different level of Rahul’s passion was seen in the marriage.

Rahul and Disha’s love is also very famous among their fans. #thedishulwedding has been trending on social media for the past week. Rahul has a huge fan following on social media since the time of ‘Bigg Boss’. In such a situation, fans and fan clubs are fiercely sharing pictures and videos of Rahul-Disha’s wedding.