Opposition got first victory on caste census? Or Modi played the trump card in front of Nitish

Congress praised the govt for cancelling CBSE 10th & 12th examinations, said- Well done Modi

Opposition got first victory on caste census? Or Modi played the trump card in front of Nitish- Has the opposition got the first victory on the caste census? Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi seem to agree with the views of the opposition? There are many such questions that have arisen after the opposition parties of Bihar met PM Modi today. In fact, all the parties claim that even PM Modi seems to agree with his opinion. But is this the truth?

Who should do home in the politics of caste?

You got it absolutely right, whenever there is talk of caste in Bihar, the echo goes to Delhi. In the 2015 Bihar assembly elections, Lalu had redeemed Mohan Bhagwat’s alleged statement on reservation in such a way that the BJP in Bihar was getting cleaned up. The flame was such that Delhi reached the court. Obviously BJP has learned a lot from this election. She wouldn’t want the same mistake to happen again on her part in ‘Jaat Ki Baat’.

Has PM Modi shown foresight?

If other parties including the opposition Congress and RJD are to be believed, then PM Modi also agrees with them regarding the caste census. All this is not just like this, BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are occupied with a majority in power. But he knows very well that ignoring the point of a partner of the states, or on an issue on which the regional opposition also has an opinion, can do harm. In such a situation, it is evident that the Center had also shuffled its cards and on the day of negotiations played its trump card on the table. That is, yours too Jai-Jai and ours too Jai-Jai. Means not avoiding the opinion of the opposition and the respect of the partner is also maintained.

Meeting with Modi on caste census

A delegation of leaders of 10 parties, led by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the demand for caste census. During this, he presented his side on this issue to PM Modi. After the meeting, RJD leader and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Tejashwi Yadav said that 10 parties of Bihar want to get the historic work done together. We have put everything in front of the PM. Due to caste based census, the poor and last standing person of the country will get its benefit.

‘When animals and plants are counted, what is the problem in counting humans’

Tejashwi Yadav said that before the Mandal commission, it was not known that how many castes are there in the country. When animals, plants and plants are counted, what is the problem in counting human beings. Counting is also done on the basis of religion. We want to know why caste based census should not be done? When you do not have any scientific data, then you cannot implement a welfare scheme. The government does not have a clear record yet. There is no such record as to who begs in the society, who is landless.

Tejashwi told why caste census is important

Tejashwi Yadav said that the Central Government has given the right to the states that they can put whomever they want in the OBC category. But how will it be implemented accurately, when there is no caste based data then how is it possible. This is the first time that all the parties in a state, including the BJP. By bringing the bill twice in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, it was passed unanimously. The caste and educational census was conducted under Manmohan Singh’s government, but its records were not released. At that time we were told that the data has been corrupted.

Tejashwi said – thank you for the time the PM gave

Tejashwi Yadav said that when caste census will spread frenzy in the society, then religion should not even be counted. Till now it has never happened that there has been controversy in the society due to census. As far as expenses are concerned, when SC and ST are counted, only one column has to be added to it. When expenses are being incurred for counting animals, trees and plants, then what is the problem in the caste. Thank you for the time the PM has given. Thank you also to CM Nitish ji for taking time to meet PM while demanding our demand. We are just waiting for the decision. Our delegation has demanded caste census not only for Bihar but for the entire country. The opposition has always been supporting the government in the national interest.


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