Philippines Plane Crash: Military plane crashes in Philippines – 45 killed: 49 people rescued

Philippines Plane Crash: Military plane crashes in Philippines - 45 killed

Philippines Plane Crash: Military plane crashes in Philippines – 45 killed: 49 people rescued- 42 soldiers and 3 civilians were killed when an Air Force plane crashed while carrying military personnel in the southern province of the Philippines. The soldiers aboard this aircraft were entrusted with the responsibility of fighting Islamic terrorists. This is the worst accident in the history of the country’s Air Force. Military officials said at least 49 soldiers had been rescued and were injured.

96 people were on the plane

The plane crashed in a coconut field outside Jolo airport in Sulu province in the afternoon. Some soldiers were seen jumping off the plane before the plane crashed and caught fire, officials said. Seven people on the ground were hit by the plane, out of which three died. The army said that there were 96 people on board the plane, including three pilots and five crew members. The rest of the people on the plane were military personnel. The army said that five soldiers are missing. Officials said the pilot was among the survivors, but he was seriously injured.

Some soldiers saved their lives by jumping

The Lockheed C-130 Hercules, which was the victim of the accident, was one of two US Air Force aircraft handed over this year as military aid to the Philippines. Officials said the wounded were taken to hospitals in Sulu or the nearby city of Jomboanga and military forces were trying to locate the remaining soldiers. The army said in a statement, “Witnesses reported that several soldiers were seen jumping out of the plane before it reached the ground, due to which they were saved from being hit by the explosion after the accident.”

soldiers were fighting against terrorists

The rear side of the cargo plane is visible in the initial pictures released by the army. Other parts of the plane either got burnt or got fragmented and scattered around. Smoke was seen rising from the accident site and rescue workers were seen coming and going there with stretchers. The plane was taking military forces from the southern Cagayan de Oro city to Sulu for deployment. Military forces have been fighting for decades against Abu Sayyaf militants in the Muslim-majority province of Sulu. The reason for the plane crash was not immediately clear. The regional military commander, Lieutenant General Coleto Wanluan, said it was unlikely the plane was attacked.

What is the cause of the accident?

An Air Force official said that the Xolo runway is shorter than other runways in the country and if the plane is unable to land at a certain place there, it becomes difficult for the pilot to control it. The officer, who has flown military aircraft several times from Xolo, gave this information on the condition of anonymity. Many parts of the Philippines have been raining due to the formation of tropical pressure, but pictures show that the weather in the Sulu region was fine. The airport in Jolo, the main city of Sulu, is located a few kilometers away from the mountainous area. Military forces in this area are fighting against Abu Sayyaf. Some terrorists are affiliated with the Islamic State organization.