Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited in Modi’s swearing ceremony

Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited

Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited in Modi’s swearing ceremony: After the massive victory in the Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi will again take over the oath for the position of Prime Minister on 30 May. On this occasion, again, Rashtrapati Bhawan is ready to be a witness to the welcome of foreign guests. The name of the most discussed in the list of these guests is the name of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. However, even on behalf of the government, it has not been cleared yet how many foreign guests have been invited or sent to this swearing-in ceremony. But everyone’s interest is consistent with the name of Imran Khan.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited in Modi’s swearing ceremony

This question is also valid because, after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Imran Khan greeted him with a phone call to PM Modi. Earlier he had said that in the second term, Modi should work on the development and sustainability of this region. If you look at Imran’s statements, during the election, he had made a big statement about PM Modi, due to which he had to face criticism of his MPs. Indeed, he had said that all controversial issues including Kashmir can only be solved by Modi.

One reason for the involvement of Imran in the involvement of PM Modi is that, in 2014 when Narendra Modi took the oath of Prime Minister for the first time, then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to join the oath ceremony Was called. They accepted this invitation and came to Modi’s swearing-in ceremony. During this, there was a dialogue between the two leaders. Apart from this, in December 2015, PM Modi returned to Kabul on a sudden call from Nawaz Sharif. This tour surprised everyone. In Lahore, PM Modi returned to attend his native marriage. However, after the Uri attack on September 18, 2016 the relations between the two countries worsened. Because of this, during the SAARC conference in Nepal, the courtesy of the two leaders did not even meet.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan not invited in Modi’s swearing ceremony- The tension between Uri-attack that persisted between India and Pakistan is still intact. It is a different matter that now the government has changed in Pakistan. But after Imran’s arrival, there has not changed anything. It is important to also mention here that Imran Khan has spread the word on the global stage as soon as he takes over the position that he is interested in friendship with India and wants to resolve every disputed issue by coming to the negotiating table. On the other hand, the editorial that came in front of PM Modi’s re-election in Pakistan’s media, is sticking to something else. Apart from this, PM Modi, who has been re-elected with a huge majority in elections, has told Imran Khan that to become terrorism-free country is essential for peace and prosperity of the region. The statement that comes from both sides is a special meaning. For the latest updates, you can visit