Packed like a gift- 5 kg IED was sent to Jammu by drone- Pakistani conspiracy busted

Army Chief said- We are developing capabilities to deal with the drone threat

Packed like a gift- 5 kg IED was sent to Jammu by drone- Pakistani conspiracy busted- A big terrorist conspiracy has been foiled in Jammu and Kashmir. Security forces shot down a flying drone in Akhnoor, 8 km from the International Border. A 5 kg Improvised Explosive Device (IED) has been recovered with this hexacopter (six-winged) drone. Explosive material was to be supplied to the terrorists through police drones. This IED was set up for attack, it just had to go to the target’s location and activate it. Jammu and Kashmir IG (Police) Mukesh Singh put forth important information related to the incident in the press conference.

Action on Input Success

Singh said that the police had received an intelligence input on Thursday night. It was learned that Jaish-e-Mohammed was about to drop a payload by drone near Akhnoor. The team of Jammu Police reached there and laid their net. Around 1 pm a drone was sighted which lowered the altitude to drop the payload. As he came down, the police team fired at him and killed him. The drone was accompanied by a payload that weighed around 5 kg. The payload was neatly packed. There was an IED on it which was almost in ready condition. Only had to connect the wire and keep it at the target place.

Pakistan has bought many flight controllers

Initial analysis of the drone revealed that it was a hexacopter. It was fitted with a flight controller and GPS.

Interestingly, there is only one digit difference between the serial number of the flight controller of the drone and the serial number of the drone that fell in Kathua a year ago.

This means that the government across the border has bought multiple flight controllers of the same series and keeps sending them in different drones.

This is an assembled drone. Some parts are from China, some from Taiwan and some from Hong Kong.

The threads exposed the conspiracy

The payload of the drone is dropped by a string. The string of the drone that was shot down today resembles the strings found in the crater made of explosives dropped at the Jammu airbase. This confirms that the payload dropped at the airbase was also dropped by a drone. The drone that was shot down in Kathua covers a distance of up to 20 kilometers. It can carry a payload of about 10 kg. The payloads that were dropped earlier were dropped from a range of 12-15 km.

The IG (Police) also said that in the last one-and-a-half years, drones have been shot down, a huge amount of arms and ammunition have been recovered from them. In this, 16 AK-47 rifles, three US-made M4 rifles, 34 pistols, 15 grenades and 18 IEDs have been recovered. Currency was also sent in one or two drones.

Police was waiting, someone came to pick up the drone

Police said that shooting down this drone has succeeded in preventing a major accident in Jammu. The IG said that the IED had to be dropped with good packing. A terrorist would come to pick up this IED and then keep it at the target place. The police had already shot down the drone. After this, the police waited there that if someone comes to take the IED, then he should be nabbed but no one came.