Nylon rope- blackmailing… Why is the suspicion on the death of Mahant Narendra Giri deepening?

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Nylon rope- blackmailing… Why is the suspicion on the death of Mahant Narendra Giri deepening?- The suspicious death of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of the Akhara Parishad, is under question. The police are talking of getting a ‘suicide note’. This note is being told of seven to eight pages. The ‘suicide note’, written like a testament, has the names of some disciples. Giri has reportedly written that some people humiliated him by making false allegations. What was it that was bothering the Mahant so much? It has been written in detail in the ‘Suicide Note’ that what will happen to the Math, Akhara and Hanuman Temple in the absence of Mahant. Police is conducting forensic investigation of the note. The whole incident is so suspicious that questions have started pouring in.

Crime scene tampering? Unsolved secrets of Mahant’s death

Why was the dead body removed before the police arrived?

  • According to local media, the Mahant had dinner with the disciples at 1 pm. Then he used to rest everyday till 3.30 pm. When the Mahant did not come out of his room till 5 pm, the heads of the disciples shook. It is claimed that the door was broken due to concern.
  • Inside the Mahant’s body was hanging from the fan. At the same time (around 5.20 pm), a disciple Bablu informed the police about Mahant Narendra Giri’s suicide.
  • Before the police could reach the Baghambari Math, the body of the Mahant was removed from the fan and placed on the bed.
  • According to the reports, no disciple saw him in a disturbed condition before the Mahant went on his rest.
  • The police started the search by closing the main gate of the monastery. A suicide note was recovered from near the body.

What is written in the suicide note?

Yoga guru Swami Anand Giri, chief priest of Lete Hanuman temple Aadya Tiwari and his son Sandeep Tiwari have been cited as the reason in an alleged ‘suicide note’ found near the body of Mahant Narendra Giri. Most of the things written in the note are related to the succession of the monastery, temple and throne. As his successor, the Mahant mentions a disciple named Balveer. It is written in the letter that ‘I cannot live without respect. I am in depression. What do I do, how do I live? Because of Anand Giri, I got a lot of notoriety. Clean up whom? It is better to leave the world. Everyone will take great care of me except a few disciples. Take care of my disciples.’

How did you write such a long suicide note?

The police are talking about getting a suicide note of several pages from near the dead body. However, the disciples of Sevadar and Narendra Giri say that the Maharaj (Mahant) did not even write two lines by himself. Whenever he had to write something, he would call a disciple. In such a situation, no one is able to understand when and how he wrote the seven-eight-page suicide note. Even while writing to the Mahant, very few people wrote. Some servitors said that the suicide note should be thoroughly investigated. The police is asking forensic experts to conduct the investigation.

Who is Anand Giri? Why under suspicion?

  • Anand Giri used to be the most favorite disciple of Mahant Narendra Giri. Anand Giri was under the tutelage of Mahant since August 2000. Staying with the Guru, started taking care of the work of the monastery and the temple.
  • In 2014, Anand Giri started calling himself the successor of Mahant Narendra Giri. Then the Mahant himself said that Anand is not his successor, but his disciple.
  • 2021 came and the controversy reached its peak. In May, Niranjani Akhara fired Anand Giri on charges of having contact with the family and conspiracy against Guru. The Mahant also distanced them from the arrangement of the Baghambari Math and the Bade Hanuman Mandir.
  • Anand Giri alleged that Guru also had family ties. The disciple said that the Mahant has bought property worth crores in the name of his brothers, gunners and favorite disciples.
  • Guru and disciple met in Lucknow on 26 May 2021. Anand Giri tendered an unconditional apology and the Mahant allowed him to come to the Math. Anand Giri has said after the latest developments that he had no dispute with Mahant Narendra Giri.
  • Anand Giri said that after apologizing, his relationship with the guru had healed. He alleged that some people have an eye on the property of the Math. A dispute was made with the Guru to get me out of the way.

Why was the nylon rope ordered?

In the initial investigation of the police, the testimony of two prominent sevadars will be important. The role of Bablu and Sumit is still suspicious to the police. More information about him is being gathered from other disciples. During interrogation, it was found that Mahant had ordered the rope on Sunday itself. According to local media, Mahant had told Bablu that a nylon rope was needed to dry the cloth.

Bablu brought a rope from the market but it is not clear from which shop and for how much. It is also learned that when Mahant did not come out of his room till Monday evening, it was Bablu and Sumit first who went inside. Both of them opened the door and brought the dead body of the Mahant from the noose.