North Korea executes senior officials over failed Trump summit

North Korea executes senior officials

North Korea executes senior officials over failed Trump summit: After failing to negotiate with US President Donald Trump in February this year, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un sentenced his five officers to death. A South Korean newspaper Chosan Illbow has recently revealed it. According to the report, the officers who were sent to the firing squad in front of the firing squad included the special representative of North Korea’s US.

North Korea executes senior officials over failed Trump summit

It has been said in the report that Kim Hyok Chola, Special Representative for Kim’s meeting with Trump, was found guilty of cheating the dictator. During the meeting of the two leaders in Vietnam, Chol was also with Kim. They were executed at the Mirim airport in March with the firing squad with four senior officers of the Ministry of External Affairs. The newspapers did not name the names of the other four killed.

Many ministers, including his uncle, have killed by Kim

Kim has already killed many government officials. He has also made his uncle and Zhang Sang, who is called a political guru, to be sacked by bullets in the case of treason and corruption. After this, Kim even killed his wife by poisoning her. He has sacked his public security minister O Sand-Honn with a cannon.

South Korea’s denial of comment

South Korea’s Unification Ministry, working for the integration of the Korean Peninsula, has refused to say anything on the matter. However, the newspaper has said that Kim Jong-his translator Shin Hiey Yong has also been put in jail for mistakes in the summit. He then failed to read Kim’s proposal, when Trump started calling away the meeting as Benazita and away from the table.

No agreement was reached at the Kim-Trump meeting

Trump and Kim Jong-he met in February this year in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two met twice in two days. However, there was no agreement between the two. The White House confirmed any kind of deal sign. Since then the meeting of both of them was considered to be unsuccessful. For the latest updates, you can visit