New variant of Corona in Vietnam: It spreads rapidly in the air; B.1.617 is a mixed form of strain

B.1.618 Covid Variant: Another form of corona causing havoc!

New variant of Corona in Vietnam: It spreads rapidly in the air; B.1.617 is a mixed form of strain- New variants of the virus have been confirmed in Vietnam amid growing cases of corona. It is claimed that it spreads rapidly through the air. Vietnam’s Health Minister Nguyen Than Long said that the first variant in this variant has strains similar to B.1.617 found in India and Britain. Scientists conducted a genetic study of the virus infecting some patients who were recently infected. This new strain was confirmed in this. In the UK, South Africa, Brazil and India, the new Corona strain has created a furore in the past.

Seven variants have spread in Vietnam before

This variant of the corona grows rapidly in the throat and rapidly spreads to the surrounding environment. However, Long did not say how many cases of this new variant have been reported in Vietnam. Even before this, there were seven variants spread in Vietnam.

Various restrictions were imposed

Long says that the new variant may be responsible for the increasing cases in the country, which have spread to more than 30 areas in the country. Since then, many types of restrictions have been imposed here. In some places cases were seen increasing after religious programs, after which they have also been banned. Most major cities have restrictions on congestion. Public parks, restaurants, bars, clubs and spas are also closed.

Vaccination is also going on

Estrogenica-Oxford’s Corona vaccine is currently being installed in Vietnam, with a population of 9.7 million. Vaccine doses have been administered to 10 lakh people here so far. Recently, a deal of 30 million doses has been done with the American company Pfizer. A deal with Moderna is also expected soon.

Over 6,900 cases and 47 deaths so far

So far, there have been 6,908 cases of corona. Of these, 47 people have died. The alarming thing is that most of these cases have come in the month of May. At present, the number of active case-patients in the country is 3,965 and 2,896 people have been cured of the corona.

Vietnam had managed to overcome the first wave

Vietnam’s strategy in dealing with the first wave of Corona was praised worldwide. The virus that originated from China also did not spread to the neighbouring country of Vietnam. The government there initially started quarantine and strict contact tracing on a large scale. For this reason, the first wave here could not be more dangerous.