Samsung’s foldable Galaxy phone pre-sales begin, Check Price, features

Samsung's foldable Galaxy phone pre-sales begin

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy phone pre-sales begin- what’s common with Mario Gotze and millie Bobbe Brown? They are some of the big stars, who got early access to the Galaxy Fold from Samsung. As Part of a clever marketing campaign, Samsung recorded its initial response to the Foldable Smartphone. It is safe to say that their brain was blown away way by the device. We can understand why. We were equally impressed with the Galaxy Fold after the first permission to handle it. For our ideas about Samsung’s game-changing device, see your Galaxy fold- hand -on.

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy phone pre-sales begin, Price & features

Galaxy fold also has game streaming superstars Ninja and Sheds light on mobile gaming gaming possibilities with this step. He has worked with Samsung to promote gaming on devices like the First Galaxy Note 9. Another youtube Superstar Casey Neistat was positively influenced by the Galaxy Fold. He has a long history of working with Samsung, Which includes a stent in the Oscars.

American DJ Steve Aoki and blogger Jeane Demas of Parisian were equally awakened by the Galaxy Fold. Cosia de Nerd and unbox Therapy have also been featured for good measure. The decision is the same, all of them were blown up by the Galaxy Fold.

Of course, this is a marketing video, so it is favorable in every aspect. However, this should be said, it will probably be the reaction of most people who personally watch the Galaxy fold for the first time. The main reason for this is that there is nothing like this in the market right now. This is also partly because it is really well-made and appears to be quite a powerful tool.

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy phone pre-sales beginGalaxy Fold SM-F900F Features   

Samsung will release the Galaxy Fold in the United States on April 26. We will also ensure that you do a full review of the Galaxy Fold in the near future. Tell us, are you excited to buy Samsung’s first fordable smartphone. For the latest news, you can visit

Galaxy Fold SM-F900F  features, This is a 7,3 “device with QXGA screen resolution. The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Society with Single Cor 2.84 GHz and Triple Core 2.42GHz and Quad Core 1.8 GHz Configuration Memory is 12GB, In which the device offers 512GB internal storage and external memory. The accelerometer in the Galaxy Fold, Barometer, Optical Fingerprint Sensor, Gyre Sensors and given Geomagnetic sensor. Notable features include Samsung pay (NFC). The measurement and weight of the device.


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