After plasma therapy, the use of Remdesivir can now be stopped

Government reduced Import Duty on Remdesivir

After plasma therapy, the use of Remdesivir can now be stopped- Now many new researches are coming out regarding the treatment of corona infection in the country. After long-term plasma therapy in the country, which has been shown to be effective in fighting corona infection, remdesivir is also being considered for treatment of corona.

After the decision to remove plasma therapy from the treatment of corona, soon a decision can be taken to remove Remadecivir injection soon. Dr. DS Rana, Chairperson of Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, said on Tuesday that the idea of ​​removing Remedesvir from Corona Treatment is also underway soon.

No evidence has been revealed about its superior effect on corona infected patients. Therefore, this medicine cannot be considered effective. Plasma therapy has been removed from corona treatment on the advice of ICMR and now there is a possibility that remdesivir may also be removed.

During Corona infection, the demand for both plasma therapy and Remedisvir had increased so much that many state governments, including the Center, had launched an awareness campaign to donate plasma to Corona-infected people. On the other hand, the demand for Remedisvir was so high that the demand for this drug had increased in the black market, the government had to take tough decisions to stop its black marketing and the company also had to insist on increasing production to meet its demand. . The company is focusing on the production of Remedesivir.

What will be the impact of this new statement on the ever-increasing demand for Remedesvir, although the central government has issued a statement that Remedesvir is not effective in the treatment of corona infection, yet it has a special effect on the demand for the drug Not done. After this, the government made rules about its use to prevent black marketing of drugs, how it will be used in hospitals, what strategy will be decided.

According to reports, Remedisvir is now being considered for removal from the corona treatment. This type of information has been received by Dr. DS Rana, Chairperson of Sir Gangaram Hospital in the national capital, Delhi. He said that the removal of Remadecivir injection from the corona treatment is also under consideration soon.

It is believed that no evidence has been found about its better effect on corona positive people. For this reason, remdesivir injection may not be considered effective.

After the removal of plasma therapy from corona treatment on the advisory of ICMR, remdesivir is also likely to be removed. Demand for plasma therapy and remdesivir was greatly increased in the country amid the rapidly growing infection of corona. Corona infection still persists in the country.


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