Mehul Choksi’s brother bribed politician in Dominica, claims local media

Mehul Choksi's brother bribed politician in Dominica

Mehul Choksi’s brother bribed politician in Dominica, claims local media- Fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi is currently lodged in jail in Dominica and Indian agencies are engaged in efforts to bring him back. Meanwhile, Antigua’s online portal Associates has published the news that Mehul Choksi’s brother Chetan Chinu Choksi also reached Dominica on 29 May by private jet. He had met Lennox Linton, the leader of the opposition there. The Associates Times claims that Chetan Choksi has given Dominica opposition leader Lennox Linton US$200,000 as a bribe.

Not only this, Chetan has also assured Lennox of help in the upcoming elections. According to the news, Chetan asked Linton to take up the matter of Mehul Choksi in the Parliament there and also to give a statement in favor of Mehul Choksi. Experts in the case say that Chetan Choksi runs a company named Diminco NV. This company is a subsidiary of Digico Holdings Limited of Hong Kong. This company is counted among the largest retailers in the business of diamonds and jewellery. It has also been said that Chetan was also seen outside the court in 2019 during the hearing related to Nirav Modi in London.

A team of eight members is currently in Dominica to bring Mehul Choksi back to India. CBI Chief Sharda Raut is an important member of this team in banking fraud cases. He was the one who headed the investigation into the PNB fraud case. Choksi had been living in Antigua since 2018 and is currently arrested in Dominica.

Lennox Linton demands probe into Mehul Choksi’s case

It has been told in a report that Lennox Linton, the leader of the United Workers Party of Dominica, has demanded an investigation in the case of Mehul Choksi. He has raised questions on the role of the minister in the police and government related to this matter. The team of CBI and ED left for Dominica.

Let us tell you that the teams of CBI and ED have come out on the mission to bring Mehul Choksi to India. These teams will be present in the court for the hearing on the petition to send Choksi out on Wednesday, June 2, in the Court of Commonwealth of Dominica. Investigation officers of Mumbai zone are present in both the CBI and ED teams that went to Dominica. On the petition of Mehul Choksi’s legal team, the Court of Commonwealth of Dominica had banned Mehul Choksi from being taken out of Dominica till June 2.