The man who dealt with more than 300 women also sold the daughter-in-law for 80000

Teenage girl burned to death after reporting sexual harassment

barabanki- A man, who had bought more than 300 girls for marriage, made a deal for his daughter-in-law for Rs 80,000. Eight people from Gujarat came and finalized the deal. The money was also paid. The police arrested eight people from Gujarat who had bought the girl. A case has been registered against them under the section of human trafficking. The girl has been handed over to her husband.

ASP North Awadhesh Singh said that around 12 o’clock on Saturday night, a young man called the police and told that his wife had been sold by his father to the people of Gujarat for 80,000.

caught at railway station

On the information of her husband, the police reached Barabanki railway station and recovered the girl and arrested eight people who were taking her to buy her. Sahil Pancha, Pappu Bhai Sharma, Apoorva Pancha, Geeta Ben, Neeta Ben, Shilpa Ben, Rakesh and Ajay Bhai Pancha of Adev Adinath Nagar of Umeda police station in Ahmedabad were arrested.

Son also made friends with the app and married a girl from Assam

The whole matter is of village Mallapur of Ramnagar police station area. Prince Verma (19), son of Chandraram Verma, who lives here, works as a taxi driver in Ghaziabad. Five years ago in 2016, his conversation started with a girl from Assam through an app. After three years, both of them got married in a temple in Lucknow. After this he went to Ghaziabad with his wife.

Conspiracy to call the daughter-in-law alone

During interrogation, it came to light that Ramu Gautam, who lives in the same village, came home from Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in lockdown, and told the Prince’s father, Chandra Ram Verma, about Ahmedabad’s companion Sahil Pancha that he is not getting married if he gets married. You will get big amount. On this, Chandra Ram Varma spoke of selling his daughter-in-law. Under the conspiracy, the daughter-in-law was called from Ghaziabad on the pretext of deteriorating health by lying.

sent with the people of Gujarat

On June 4, the daughter-in-law came to Mallapur. Then the father himself took 60,000 and got 20,000 deposited in the son’s bank account. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband came on June 5. By bluffing the son, the father-in-law of the girl sent the people from Gujarat to the hands of the people saying that they would drop you at Ghaziabad’s room.

wife was murdered

Here, the buyers who came from Gujarat were told that the daughter is going for the first time, do not pay attention if she says anything. Apart from the eight buyers, the police are looking for Ramu Gautam, the father-in-law and middleman of the girl who sold her. The woman’s husband told that her father is an accused in a murder case, the trial is going on. The mother was beaten to death by him. He had also misbehaved with his sister. Her father has so far bought and sold more than 300 girls from Bihar and Purvanchal.