Laptop in hand- AK-47 beside- zero studies… this is the head of Talibani ‘Reserve Bank’

Laptop in hand- AK-47 beside- zero studies... this is the head of Talibani 'Reserve Bank'

Laptop in hand- AK-47 beside- zero studies… this is the head of Talibani ‘Reserve Bank’- After the bloody occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban, yearning for a pie, have appointed black money launderer Haji Mohammad Idris as the head of the country’s central bank, the Afghanistan Bank (DAB). Taliban militants have assured the country’s banks through this appointment that they want a fully operational financial system. Meanwhile, a picture of Haji Mohammad Idris has gone viral on social media. In this, he is seen taking ‘command’ of the apex bank through a laptop on one side, while on the other hand an AK-47-like rifle is kept on his table.

However, the Taliban has not yet told how the money supply will be arranged. Recently, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid announced the appointment of Idris. Zabiullah had told that Idris will be the executive chief of the country’s top bank. He had said that Idris would organize government institutions, solve banking-related issues and ease people’s problems. The viral picture of Idris carrying a rifle clearly shows how he will solve the problems.

‘Idris turns Taliban’s black money into white’

Afghanistan’s former vice-president Amarullah Saleh has warned Idris that the Taliban has appointed a man who launders black money as the head of the country’s top bank. “Black money launderer Idris used to facilitate money transactions between al-Qaeda supporters and the Taliban,” Saleh said in the past. He said that terrorist groups are occupying Afghanistan.

A top Taliban official said Idris hails from northern Javazjan province. He had been dealing with the Taliban’s financial affairs for a long time along with Mullah Akhtar Mansoor. Mullah Akhtar was killed in a US drone strike in 2016. There is no publicly available information about Idris’s understanding of banking. It is not yet known how much education he has received. His only ability is that he used to convert black money into white for the Taliban.

‘Idris hasn’t even read religious books but is a banking expert’

A Talibani said that Idris has not even read religious books but is an expert in financial matters. Let us tell you that after the arrival of Talibani rule in Afghanistan, the public is struggling to withdraw money. There are long lines outside banks and the government has imposed a limit that money cannot be withdrawn beyond a certain limit. The US has frozen Afghanistan’s billions of dollars, which has caused a shortage of dollars. Banks have no money to give. Now the Taliban is pleading with China to give it money so that the country can be run.