Kim Jong Un: Dictator Kim Jong Un ‘very weak’, North Korean people’s heart ‘broken’

Kim Jong Un: Dictator Kim Jong Un 'very weak'

Kim Jong Un: Dictator Kim Jong Un ‘very weak’, North Korean people’s heart ‘broken’- North Korea’s state media claims that the heart of all the countrymen has been ‘broken’ due to the leanness of dictator Kim Jong Un. This has been claimed in an interview aired on North Korea’s official TV channel KCTV. In this interview, people were asked for their reaction after the release of another song in the glory of North Korea and dictator Kim.

A middle-aged man said on behalf of the countrymen that everyone in North Korea is deeply saddened by the loss of their leader’s weight. He said, “It breaks everyone’s heart to see the picture of our respected comrade General Secretary being so weak. Everyone is talking about this. We have just started crying. In fact, in the early days of June, the market of speculation about Kim Jong’s health was once again heated.

Kim Jong has become much leaner than before

Kim Jong Un appeared in public for the first time after missing for several months. He was looking very skinny in this picture. He had addressed a meeting of his Workers’ Party recently. Last year too, after the disappearance of Kim Jong, such speculation had intensified whether the dictator had died. A watch tied on the wrist of Kim Jong Un was discussed a lot in the past. After analyzing the latest pictures of Kim Jong wearing this Swiss made watch, it was claimed that he has become much leaner than before.

South Korean media NK News has analyzed the picture of Kim Jong Un and claimed that this dictator has lost a lot of weight. Many intelligence agencies around the world also keep an eye on the health of this dictator, notorious for his eccentricities. New photos from North Korea’s state media Korean Central News Agency show his IWC Schaffhausen Portofino watch strapped to the wrist.

Kim Jong Un weighs so much

Leaders in the family of this North Korean dictator have a history of heart disease. South Korea’s spy agency told lawmakers in November that Kim Jong Un’s estimated weight was around 140 kilograms. Since coming to power in 2011, he had gained about 50 kilograms. NK News senior correspondent Colin Zwirko said foreign intelligence agencies want to know if Kim Jong Un is healthy enough to remain leader for a long time. If he is unwell why is it being hidden.