Killing of Taliban: Innocent punished for father’s mistake- child brutally murdered

Taliban will take oath of 'terrorist government' on 20th anniversary of 9/11

Killing of Taliban: Innocent punished for father’s mistake- child brutally murdered- The situation in Afghanistan has been deteriorating ever since the Taliban captured Kabul. There terror, brutality is at its peak. People are being killed openly and their rights are being crushed. Now the news has come that the Taliban have brutally murdered an innocent child in Takhar province. An observer of Panjshir has given this information by tweeting. He said the Taliban suspected that the child’s father was associated with the Anti-Taliban Front. On suspicion, he innocently shot the child.

Mobile phones of people who are openly checking

According to media reports, Taliban fighters are shooting people without suspicion. They are stopping people walking on the road and asking them whether they belong to the Resistance Front or the previous government. People’s mobiles are being snatched. Checking call details and photos. If they even suspect that the person in front is indulging in activities against them, they are being shot directly.

Said earlier – ‘We will not take revenge’

After seizing power in Kabul, the Taliban said that their fighting was over. Now peace will be restored in Afghanistan. A statement was given on his behalf that he has forgiven everyone. They will not take revenge on anyone. In addition, the Taliban is hunting and killing all those who were supporters of the previous government or the US military. People belonging to the resistance front are being killed in Panjshir too.

People have been ordered to grow a beard

The brutal Taliban rule has returned. Just on Sunday, the Taliban had pasted notices outside salons in Helmand province, in which salon operators were forbidden to shave any person. People have been told to grow beards following the rules of Islam. Failure to do so will result in them being shot.