Kappa variant: First death in Gorakhpur due to Kappa variant of Corona

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Kappa variant: First death in Gorakhpur due to Kappa variant of Corona- The Kappa variant has been confirmed in the report of genome sequencing of a patient admitted in June at BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Since then, the health department has come into alert mode. In the second wave of Corona, along with Delta Plus, the Kappa variant also caused havoc. The patient in whom the kappa variant was found. That patient has died in the month of June. He was a resident of Uttarpati village in Sant Kabir Nagar district. He was 65 years old.

Confirmation of getting Delta and Kappa in the district

The Microbiology Department of BRD Medical College has given this information to the CMO of Sant Kabir Nagar district. Since then, the department has started collecting information from the travel history of that patient to his family members. In Sant Kabirnagar district, new forms of Corona, Delta, Delta Plus and Kappa have been confirmed. Among them, a Delta Plus patient has also died while an MBBS student has become healthy.

The Kappa variant is as dangerous as the Delta

Amidst all this, the entry of the Kappa variant has put the department in trouble. Because it is a replacement of Delta Virus, which is as dangerous as Delta Plus. The Delta Plus has been declared a variant of the car in India. While the Kappa variant has been declared as Variant of Interest by WHO. Because of this, the government has called for complete information of all the patients. Along with this, instructions have also been given to the CMO of the concerned district to collect complete information from the travel history of the patients to each and every member of their family.

Delta variant found in 27 patients

The investigation of genome sequencing of 30 patients by IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology) has been released on July 7. In these 27 patients the delta variant has been confirmed. BRD Medical College has started matching these patients. Because all the patients were being treated in the Kovid ward of BRD Medical College. The college administration is now trying to know how many patients have died in the delta variant and how many patients have become healthy.

Kappa variant resulting from mutation of the delta variant

Dr. Amresh Singh said that the Kappa variant originated from the mutation of the B.1.617 lineage, which is also responsible for the delta variant. There have been more than a dozen mutations of B.1.617, of which two are specific – E484Q and L452R. Hence this variant is also called double mutant. A new lineage of B.1.617 would form as it developed. B.1.617.2 is known as the delta variant, which is believed to be responsible for the second wave of corona in India. Its other lineage B.1.617.1 is called Kappa.

Waiting for the sample sent in the month of June

On the other hand, Dr. Amresh Singh, Head of the Department of Microbiology, said that the Kappa variant is a changed form of the delta itself. The patient found with this variant has died in the month of June. This information has been given to the college administration. Now the samples sent in the month of June are awaited.