Joe Biden and Boris Johnson spoke on the situation in Afghanistan, today the G-7 virtual meeting

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson spoke on the situation in Afghanistan, today the G-7 virtual meeting

Joe Biden and Boris Johnson spoke on the situation in Afghanistan, today the G-7 virtual meeting- US President Joe Biden spoke to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the phone on Monday. During this, the main point of discussion between these two was Afghanistan. The two heads of state gave their opinion on the ongoing campaign in Afghanistan. They discussed strategies for rescuing their citizens, local staff and other disabled Afghan civilians from Afghanistan. The White House gave this information. Let us tell you that Joe Biden is the host of the G-7 virtual meeting to be held on 24 August. During this the situation in Afghanistan is to be discussed.

Need for common approach on Afghan policy

According to the White House, during this conversation, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson also talked about the virtual meeting of the G-7 to be held on August 24. The two leaders discussed about mutual cooperation and common approach to deal with the situation in Afghanistan. Also stressed on working together on Afghanistan’s policy. Significantly, the Biden administration is going through severe criticism for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Everyone is busy evacuating their people

Let us tell you that since the date of withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban has become a constant attacker. Soon after, the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Since then, the situation in Afghanistan has been continuously worsening. A large number of people are ready to leave the country. At the same time, people of many countries including America are busy in evacuating their citizens and officials there.

Afghanistan: 500 tonnes of medical aid stuck, WHO said, there is a big crisis if it is delayed

In view of the security situation, Kabul airport has been closed. Also there are many other types of guards here. But as a result, hundreds of tons of material known to the Afghan people are stuck. The World Health Organization gave this information on Monday. This material contains about 500 tonnes of medical supplies and food items given to children. Significantly, in view of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, there is a dire need of help here. Since the establishment of the Taliban rule, many people are forced to live here without food and without medical facilities.

People left behind will also have to be taken care of

Meanwhile, aid agencies say about 300,000 people have been rendered homeless in Afghanistan. These people are compelled to deal with the situation. At the same time, help coming from outside is the only support for about half the population of the country. But due to the closure of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, it is not possible for commercial flights to reach here. WHO emergency director Dr Richard Brennan gave this information to Reuters news agency. He said that while the eyes of the world are on those coming out of Afghanistan. We should worry about those who are left behind.