Jitin Prasad Exit News: Due to Jitin Prasad’s joining BJP, deep questions on the central leadership

Jitin Prasad Exit News: Due to Jitin's joining BJP,

Jitin Prasad Exit News: Due to Jitin Prasad’s joining BJP, deep questions on the central leadership- The move of Jitin Prasada, a member of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘quartet’, to the rival party BJP, has further strengthened the perception that Congress’s stature in the country’s politics is rapidly declining. The political aura of the party was clouded by the crisis after it lost the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, which is getting darker day by day due to the absence of strong central leadership.

The hope of a solution to the growing leadership crisis

Jitin Prasada is not the first leader among Rahul’s close friends who have left the party seeing no scope for a solution to the leadership crisis. Before him, the veteran leader of Madhya Pradesh Jyotiraditya Scindia has also joined the BJP, giving a big blow to the Congress party and especially Rahul Gandhi. On the other hand, Rajasthan’s Congress leader Sachin Pilot kept going outside. Both Scindia and Pilot were from the old leadership of their respective states. The pilots stopped, but their rebellious tone still comes to the fore now and then.

Priyanka had put Jitin whereabouts

Jitin Prasada is one of those leaders whom the party tried to take forward while in power at the Center, but he was not given a respectable role when the party leadership struggled to change. On the other hand, the leaders in Prasad’s line are not slacking off against the current close friends of the Congress leadership.

When Priyanka Gandhi experimented with a change in the Congress leadership of Uttar Pradesh, Jitin Prasada was thrown out of the new camp. When Jitin joined Group-23, which wrote letters to Sonia Gandhi, he received P. The charge of Bengal was handed over. Its clear message was – exile from the politics of his state UP. This happened to Jitin, led by Priyanka Gandhi, as he continued to hold on to himself as the big face of Brahmins in UP despite the party’s defeat in the 2015 assembly elections.

Rahul’s aggressive attitude also has no effect

His quitting the Congress has given strength to the notion that the party leadership has stopped thinking about winning the elections. In the second wave of Corona, the aggressive attitude of the party leadership against the central government and Rahul Gandhi’s attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi especially on issues like vaccine could not woo the leaders of all sections in the Congress.

Committee on Committee

The major plight of Congress is on the issues of organizational management and leadership. After the recent defeats in Kerala, Assam and West Bengal, the review committee was formed under the leadership of Ashok Chavan, then infighting in Punjab was raging, for which the party had to form a committee under the leadership of Mallikarjun Kharge. Earlier, the committee had to be formed to overcome the revolt of Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. He gave immediate relief to the party but has not been successful in ending the crisis from the root.

There are enough indications from the compulsion to form committees

With the need to set up a committee on the committee, it seems that the Congress party is badly battling with internal turmoil due to a lack of weak leadership. This is becoming a reason to increase the disillusionment of the workers and party functionaries who are getting frustrated with defeat after defeat. The voice is rising from inside the Congress that the party does not have the strength to rejuvenate itself. For example, when Congress announced a new state leadership after the defeat in Kerala, a party functionary termed it a model of ‘random leadership’, which has proved unsuccessful in many places and has been repeatedly discussed on the party platform. Questions are being raised time and again. In fact, the Congress party and being made the new state chief of Kerala also made three working presidents.

The tough challenge of four elections in front of Congress

In the midst of the ongoing crisis on the leadership front, many leaders have started feeling that it should not be too late for them to switch to another party to maintain hope. Congressmen understand very well that whenever the party suffers a defeat, young leaders close to Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi stand in the first line of revolt. The performance of the Congress in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Punjab will decide whether the party will be able to reinvent itself shortly or the story of its plight will get longer.