Israel wins gold medal in Tokyo Olympics and Anu Malik’s theft caught

Israel wins gold medal in Tokyo Olympics and Anu Malik's theft caught

Israel wins gold medal in Tokyo Olympics and Anu Malik’s theft caught- On Sunday, Israel won its first gold at the Tokyo Olympics. Artem Dolgopiat arrived on the podium to collect his medal after winning the gold medal in artistic gymnastics. According to Rayat, during this the flag of his country was hoisted and Israel’s national anthem Haitiqua was played. But as soon as Israel’s national anthem was played in Tokyo, there was a ruckus on the native Twitter. Suddenly people started cursing Anu Malik.

The reason for Anu Malik’s trend on social media after Israel won gold is because of theft. Tune theft. When people following the Olympics heard Haitiqua, their ears perked up. He felt that this tune sounded like something heard. Within seconds, this tune was matching with the song ‘Mera Mulk Mera Desh Mera Yeh Watan’ from the movie ‘Diljale’. That is, music composer Anu Malik of the 1996 film ‘Diljale’ composed a patriotic song ‘inspired by the national anthem of Israel’ 25 years ago. This song was sung by Kumar Sanu and Aditya Narayan together. This song is heard playing in the background at many places in the film.

The music of ‘Diljale’ was a huge hit. Barring the remaining seven songs, no function of 15 August and 26 January in Indian schools is complete without playing a film patriotic song like ‘Mera Mulk Mera Desh’. However, as soon as the public realized that he was still taking an intense patriotic feel to the song Chori, he felt guilty. What was it then, people took out all their anger and guilt towards Anu Malik and put it out on social media. By the way, you can see some of the tweets.