ISI’s Afghanistan mission completed – trucks full of weapons seen going back to Pakistan

ISI's Afghanistan mission completed - trucks full of weapons seen going back to Pakistan

ISI’s Afghanistan mission completed – trucks full of weapons seen going back to Pakistan: With the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban, Pakistan is now showing its true colors. Weapons from Afghanistan are now being gradually transported to Pakistan.

Trucks full of weapons seen going to Pakistan

According to sources, trucks full of weapons and heavy weapons have been seen going from Afghanistan to Pakistan. According to information received from security agencies, since August 16, hundreds of trucks loaded with weapons have crossed the Pakistani check post on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border towards Pakistan.

It is believed that after the Taliban completely captured Afghanistan, now the mission of ISI Afghanistan has been completed. This is the reason why the weapons that Pakistan had provided to help the Taliban. They are now being brought back to Pakistan.

Afghan connection of Pakistan terrorists

Indian intelligence agencies had earlier also expressed apprehensions that the Taliban is getting full help from Pakistan’s ISI. ISI was preparing those Talibanis to attack Afghan security forces. Not only this, the movement of more than 8 thousand terrorists of Jaish and Lashkar from Pakistan was seen going towards Afghanistan. Together with the Taliban, they attacked Afghan security forces and captured many areas.

The way the Taliban reached Kabul in a very short time. The world is shocked about him. Obviously it was not easy for the Taliban to capture Afghanistan without the help of Pakistan. If seen, in many places in the fight against the Taliban, Afghan security forces surrendered to the Taliban without fighting and gave their weapons to the Taliban.

American weapons should not become a threat to the world

Security experts around the world are worried that these high-tech weapons of Made in America should not become a threat to the world. The biggest concern is also about the fact that the ISI should not provide the use of these weapons even to the pro-Pakistan terrorists in Kashmir. In the last few years, American made weapons have been recovered from some terrorists killed by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian security agencies more alert than ever

Security agencies had earlier also expressed the apprehension that these weapons were being delivered from Afghanistan to the terrorists operating in Kashmir. In such a situation, now thousands of American assault rifles, grenades and many surveillance systems have been in the hands of the Taliban. Those who are in danger of being used against India. In view of this, security agencies have become more alert than before and are constantly keeping an eye on the terrorist intentions of Pakistan.